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  • Hello

    Hello Grim Dawn,

    you look good, im interested in supporting, is paypal a usable method?

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    Hi and welcome to the forums - unfortunately Paypal is not a suitable method as this thread outlines: (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1880). The pre-orders will soon be up and running again so there will be a method of supporting the developers, and thereby the game, very soon.


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      What are the accepted methods of paying for preorder?


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        I understand that credit cards, debit cards and money or postal orders in USD are all possible. The pre-order system on the forums was removed whilst Kickstarter was in progress and it has been indicated that some of the stuff that was on KS wil now make its way on to the pre-order options. It is therefore taking slightly longer to get the pre-order system operational again.


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          Well I suppose a money order would work, though it seems odd. If I sent a money order, how would I verify and get my key?
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            The Buy Now section will be back up soon according to what the devs siad at the end of the Kickstarter - they wanted to include some of the tiers that were developed for the Kickstarter project and thereby offer a more comprehensive set of options to all new potential backers. If you have any problems when the Buy Now pre-order system does return to fuill working order I'm sure the moderators or developers will do all they can to find a solution that suits you. Hope that you don't have to wait too long.


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              Thank you for all your interaction.

              I just found this game, after thinking about getting diablo 3- I wanted it to be good, but was skeptical after hearing about some of the questionable features. So I passed on D3, at least for now, but still wanted to find another (quality) Hack and Slash.

              I was made aware of this game while looking into D3, and after reading a bit here on the forum and watching the videos, I was ready to buy now! I was surprised when I was meet with the preorder system down for now message.

              Hopefully it does return soon, I would like to buy into this game, it looks very interesting!