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  • relatively old man, new game

    another lover of Diablo 2 and Titan Quest...

    ill get straight to business with the feedback...im hoping you will recapture the atmosphere, the vistas and the ambient music and keep the action -ragdoll-physique of enemies for instance \m/...
    got over here, having just looked at the latest video via ign and i guess it was a rough, early taste of the gameplay? i think personally it looked a bit busy... but
    it had maturer monsters and i liked that field-environment.

    and itd be nice if you kept a type of defender-class, loved that mastery, with the skills like shield-smash and pulverize.
    Brigand bower was another favourite.

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    Hi hedonismbot,

    Feedback for the Occultist video:
    Originally posted by medierra View Post
    Different play styles are sort of accommodated by the fact that you can take on enemies and progress to new areas at your own pace.

    In the video, I was playing a bit dramatically to emphasize action. I actually died many times trying to pull that off for the video. When you're watching a video, I think the game looks about 50% less exciting than it is when you're actually playing and are trying to stay alive yourself. So, you have to kind of play with a bit of reckless abandon at a faster pace to make a video look as exciting for those who are only watching it.

    Under normal circumstances, I would probably go a bit slower. If I were playing hardcore mode (or maybe if I was a less skilled player), I would approach it totally differently, drawing out enemies, clearing out sections before I moved on, etc.
    I think the Combat mastery (single class: Soldier) is for you then ... welcome to the forums.


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      Hey hedonismbot,

      Welcome aboard and enjoy your stay!

      Good to see so many newcomers after the Kickstarter boom. =)
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        yes irs good to see more new comers coming in
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          Aaah Shield smash! such a great skill i still remember throwing back hordes of enemy's with a single shield
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            hello and welcome to the forums! hope you enjoy your stay here!


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              Hello there, welcome to Grim Dawn family.
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                Hi hedonismbot

                Welcome! Yeah, it seems a lot of people loved the defense mastery. We'll definitely add something like that. Soldier is already sort of a mix of warfare / defense but in the future I'd like to have an even more defense / shield focused class. DUAL SHIELD WIELDING?!!


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                  Originally posted by medierra View Post
                  DUAL SHIELD WIELDING?!!
                  Only if we can play as a Dwarf and wear a pavise shield as armor.

                  And hi hedonismbot.


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                    Originally posted by medierra View Post
                    DUAL SHIELD WIELDING?!!
                    Yes! I was disappointed when I couldn't in Skyrim so make a dream come true. In an expansion of course, game first.
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