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  • Grim Misadventure #15: New HUD Art

    You know what I don’t like about rift hounds? Everything. They’re mean, they are tough, they glow in the dark. Actually, you know what. That sounds kind of awesome. Forget those means thing I said, rift hounds. You’re alright; even if you tried to eat me (http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5902).

    Aww, he’s so cute.

    Since I last left you in the capable hands of Jalex, I have been busily chipping away at various odds and ends that are required to bring the game to you. On the design side, everything from masteries to quests to lore to items to merchants and socks, are falling into place in a functional playable manner. Game balance, loot tables, mastery tuning, and quests are just a few of the things we are currently busy with.

    I can’t just leave you without a real screenshot though (sorry rift hound). So take a look at some of the work done by our artists recently: a refreshed HUD!


    And after…

    That’s all we have for this week. Another update is on the way on 02/17/13, so stay tuned!

    In case you were wondering, Test Character #01003401 got out of that spat with the zombies just fine.

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    ***Waste of Souls***

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    Yay finally

    Looks great!
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      Awesome update, and the new HUD looks wicked.
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        Awesome update Zantai! Love what the artists are doing. Keep up the awesome work. Can't wait for this game!
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          Looks great! Thanks for the update.


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            What is the X-button doing in the UI? Just a quick exit for testing?

            I like the new claps. The HUD elements are more distict and the whole HUD looks sharper now.


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              The X is the toggle for the quest tracker, which I had hidden for the screenshot.
              ***Waste of Souls***


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                Love the new hud, looks amazing. But those last two screenshots concern me, are corpse's always going to vanish after you kill the enemies? It just seem's odd to me that you had a fight there, but then 2 minutes later -poof!- they vanish.

                Edit: nevermind I just realised that most of the corpse's are scattered around other area's of the land, not just on the road.
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                  I would assume the discrepancy in zombies to corpse count in the before and after is the result of some zombies being exploded into gibs, which, naturally, leaves no body. Bodies will eventually fade out so that they can be removed from memory but not that quickly.

                  Also, note that the quest tracker X is stand-in as we're currently working on that UI. It will eventually be moved and get new art.


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                    Looking awesome. Keep the updates coming!
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                      I would love an option of both huds... I prefer the re-sized old version over the new one with gold sides... i feel the brighter sides detract from the scene and focus on the GUI. But i can see the need for brighter hud and a way to change it up. Their design make them look very scalable with various resolutions.
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                        Much much better!
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                          Nice job guys!

                          Will be HUD customisable?Because i like see minimap in upper right corner of the screen.
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                            Oh boy, be ready for a million and one opinions on how the UI should look and what its features should be.

                            The new UI is overall better, imo, as its cleaner and sharper but like one guy already said you may want to replace the gold with a darker metal.

                            Bout the only thing I'm concerned with over UI functionality is minimap size changing option, showing buffs/debuffs WITH OPTIONAL TIMERS showing when they expire, and being able to keybind abilities to what I want.


                            • #15
                              going to deviate like some others already: I prefer the look of the old hud. The old hud is grungier while the gold, though nice looking, is too nice looking and draws my attention. Surely during gameplay the gold does not attract attention but ya, it's too shiny.

                              I do however approve the change from wood to metal or w/e that texture is.