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  • Grim Misadventures #9: Justice is Served

    Greetings, denizens of Cairn! Zantai here to deliver another Grim Misadventure. The votes are in and the clear winner, with a 60.68% majority, is items. As promised, todayís update is presenting a complete item set, with completion bonuses included. So letís get to it!

    Item sets in Grim Dawn vary in size. Some are as few as two items, bonded in the fiery forge of a spreadsheet, and others span a massive seven piece collection. The rewards for completing sets are appropriately proportional. Only those dedicated to the highest caliber of matching fashion shall reap the greatest of set bonuses!

    At this stage, we are looking at five item sets for alpha, and you already saw hints of two of them. You are doing pretty well so far! Let us lift the curtain onÖMarauderís Justice!

    Disclaimer: the following names, stats, values, expectations, lack of morals, and requirements are work in progress and may not reflect the final product.

    Marauderís Justice is a set intended for the gunslingers at heart who love to bring two guns to a gun fight. Marauder is all about the offense. Leave the defense for those pansies with that other build.

    The cornerstone of the set.

    In the dangerous wilderness of Cairn, there is only one form of justice, and it is served with cold steel (or the very popular hot steel, poison steel, and lightning steel).

    The sibling weapon to Marauderís Justice.

    Some things just go down better when fire is involved. Mainly flammable things.

    Ammo is never in short supply (no really, it isnít).

    And a pair of lovely gloves completes this ensemble.

    One does not survive out in the wild with just a gun. Quick wits and deadly accuracy are a must. I wonder what Quickdraw does?

    And for the grand finale, the set bonuses.

    Completing Marauderís Justice reinforces the characteristics of the set, creating a potent source of violence; you know, just in case it ever becomes necessary.

    This will have to hold you over for a while! The next update will be delayed until 11/11/12 on account of me going away for a bit to exchange vows with a fantastic lady. Watch your backs out there, and remember: the best zombie is a gibbed zombie.
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    ***Waste of Souls***

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    Sorry this is up late! I'm out of town for a while and forgot to migrate the thread to the public forum (it was actually prepared a couple days ago).
    ***Waste of Souls***


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      Originally posted by Zantai View Post
      Marauderís Justice is a set intended for the gunslingers at heart who love to bring two guns to a gun fight.

      And what about gunslingers who love to bring to guns to a knife fight?


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        looks like a fantastic set to collect

        and your getting marriage? congrats, and hope it goes well for you
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          Personally, Torchlight 2 has way too many sets that they all seem pretty meh. I'd prefer fewer but more unique and powerful sets worth the time needed to assemble all their pcs. Quality over quantity.

          I hope these sets are found during specific level range and not found spread across 10 levels as that'll mean keeping some seriously low-level set items on just to keep the set bonuses. It would also be really great if certain chests, events and/or enemies had a larger chance of dropping set items.

          Sets are great indeed but lets stop voting to see items as its obvious none of the item art is done yet and looking at numbers in a combat system we can't even play with yet isn't all that fun, imo.


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            Really nice items and cool set. I like the duo-elemental character and the synergy.

            Also: Congratulations on finding a fantastic lady. :3
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              Marauder, eh? Kinda reminds me of a class in PoE.

              Still, it is a nice set, but the set bonuses for Marauder's Justice seems meh at the moment.

              Edit: Forgot to mention this, congratulation on finding the right lady for you, and enjoy the marriage ceremony as well as for the rest of your life with your significant one.
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                Awsome set. I'll be hunting for that 'un.

                Congrats on getting married!
                Love the smileys.


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                  Originally posted by Zantai View Post
                  me going away for a bit to exchange vows with a fantastic lady.
                  Is the set bonus any good?


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                    Thanks for the update and congrats with your lady!


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                      Ooo, this sounds like an awesome set to hunt for! Makes my fingers itch to draw some fan art!
                      Also, congrats on getting married! Best wishes to the both of you!


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                        Looks awesome, i love gunslingers and thoroughly enjoying the old dual wielding so looks like the set for me Big congrats with the lady and enjoy the day of a lifetime, hopefully it goes smoothly!!


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                          Again no art work? What are those guys in the artistic dptment doing? :P

                          Interesting set with interesting stats, although i am not into guns very much. We have to see how it works out in Alpha. Thanx 4 the heads up Zan! Enjoy your time off.
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                            Looks like a set I can not wait to try out. And Zantai, even though it's a great update, because you delayed publishing it you are to make sure one of the monsters is named Zantai so we can enjoy giving 'you' a woop-ass.
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                              Originally posted by PCDania View Post
                              you are to make sure one of the monsters is named Zantai so we can enjoy giving 'you' a woop-ass.
                              I second this
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