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  • Screenshots - Burrwitch and the Hidden Laboratory

    Among other things, I've recently been working towards a final layout and polishing up content for the first couple hours of the game. Burrwitch Village has been moved further out, so it is a bit more of a jaunt to get there, with dynamic barriers randomizing the river crossing locations. Burrwitch has also gotten bigger and something sinister has been going on beneath it.

    The shots show an overrun Burrwitch (why, what manner of weapon is that character holding?!) and... "The Hidden Laboratory," which is still in development.

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    2hnd crossbows? sweet?
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      Looking great!

      I like how the subtle lighting from the ceiling on the floor - looks to be a giant gear for ventilation? Does that cause the shadow to spin?

      Great stuff!



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        Wow guys, looking good. The laboratory looks freaky as!


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          No, it's a potato peeler - huzzah

          The art of the laboratory already looks very sinister. I also like the lighting from above with the shadow of the dome's archs.


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            Looks Great !! Can't wait ! But take your time to make it so Nice as possible !!


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              Those look great! I really like the subtle lighting as well. Not sure if it would fit the atmosphere or not (I keep going back and fourth) but a Jacob's ladder would be cool in there. You see them a lot in old horror movies.


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                Originally posted by medierra View Post
                (why, what manner of weapon is that character holding?!)

                Now imagining the following sequence:
                *TWANG* *THUD* *zombie goes flying backwards*

                Originally posted by Detective View Post
                I like how the subtle lighting from the ceiling on the floor - looks to be a giant gear for ventilation?
                I think that shadow is being cast from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling - in the screenshot, look a bit to the left of the top of the tank the character is facing.
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                  Yes, the chandelier makes perfect sense .. except for where does the light come to cast such a shadow? Oh, I am nitpicking, while it is still in development.


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                    That laboratory looks creepy as! We're not going to have to fight a mad scientist boss/miniboss in there are we?
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                      Love the laboratory! I hope the corpse filled chambers are breakable?
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                        Lab looks good. Josh likes lab. Josh wants to work in lab like that. Josh's lab looks boring in comparison.

                        You really nailed the whole Victorian era lab. It looks perfect, takes me right back to the movies. One thing I'd like to see is antiquated cold storage for cadavers on the wall, like a morgue. Some can hold loot, some can hold bodies that aren't quite dead... Of course, that would be fairly specific art assets and programming which may be better directed elsewhere.

                        Thank you for the update!


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                          This looks great! See? Periodic updates like this keep the GD-thirsty masses in check.

                          I really dig the lab. It reminds me of that epic eerie feeling I got when I was just a young 'un playing Rings of Power on the Genesis and I got to the hidden Necromancer Lab outside of Blood... but I digress.

                          Keep up the good work!


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                            I <3 those pants.
                            Love the smileys.


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                              Big fan of the lab as well!