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  • Greetings from Jalex!

    Hello Grim Dawn fans!

    My name is Jesse (in unison, “Hi Jesse”) AKA “Jalex” - the newest member of the Grim Dawn team! I’ve joined up as a designer and my main responsibilities will be creating beautiful (but twisted) playspaces, and filling them up with enemies you can hack, slash, and shoot your way through. In addition I’ll be writing and implementing fun quests that thematically fit the world.

    Like Zantai, I’m a refugee of 38 Studios. When it closed - scratch that - imploded violently, my love of Titan Quest (and the modding tools!) drove me to contact Arthur about working on Grim Dawn, probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

    At 38, I was a Content Designer on an unreleased MMO codenamed Copernicus. My job was creating playspaces, filling them up with enemies, and creating quests that thematically fit the world. If that sounds similar to what I wrote above – that’s a good thing! I plan on taking everything I learned at 38 and put it to good use here. Obviously MMO’s and ARPG’s are a bit different beasts, but they share a lot of common design principles when it comes to providing you, the player, the best experience possible.

    Prior to joining 38, I worked on several small teams, learning not only about design, but how to manage scope, wear a lot of hats, work with other disciplines, and meet deadlines. My most recent released title is Hamster: Attack! - where I designed all of the levels – it’s cute, cartoony, and casual – and I never want to do anything like that again.

    The Grim Dawn setting is one that really resonates with me, and the game, even at this early state… simply amazing. It’s an indy venture, brought up to this state by barely a handful of people, and not backed by a big publisher. On the surface, that might seem risky - With Zantai, I just spent the last year of my life working on something that no one will ever see, outside of either of our control – So I’m sensitive to that kind of thing.

    But just spending a couple of days in the game, and creating bits and pieces of content, I know this game will not only ship, but thrill players and critics alike- and I’m going to do my utmost to make sure that happens!
    Thank you all for supporting Grim Dawn, and I’m truly honored to be a part of this community.

    -Jesse “Jalex” Comb

    P.S. - http://www.openmicgames.com/ is my website, in case you want to poke around and learn a bit more about me (needs some updating - but that's time better spent on the game!)

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    Great post! Can't wait to see what you bring to Grim Dawn xD

    All the best!


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      nice post Welcom Jalex!
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        Hi Jalex! It's very exciting to meet another new member of the Crate team!
        Congratulations on the position, and I look forward to hearing more about your work on Grim Dawn. Now get busy!


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          Hey Jalex, nice ta meet ya, and great first post. Now all ya gotta do, is rock our world.

          Just messing with you man, I hope you manage to fit in and help bring us gamers a great game.

          "All is cloaked in darkness and the darkness is my home. I shun the light but still I fight, until the dark is safe once again"


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            BAHAHAHA I was confused for a second there, I don't see many Jalex's.
            I am also really a Jesse. Nice to meet you.


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              Welcome to the family


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                huh, curious, i followed a trail of blood hoping to find a clock-stuffed animal or something but instead was lead... here? anyone need some killing to be done? no? any other quests for me?

                so what's up then? oh i see, the party keeps growing, welcome jesse. humhumhm, i hate to be a pest about this but we really need more proof of your hat-wearing capabilities, can't just take your word on that. you see, it'd be very problematic (and unfortunate) if that actually turned out to be a phrase that stood for something else and you haven't ever worn a hat in your entire life.


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                  Digital Deluxe Edition Backer


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                    Welcome! Nice to see the team size go up, yay!


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                      Coolness itself! Gld to see you here Jesse, and glad to see Crate pickin up some fresh blood. Can't wait to see what you bring to the table.


                      P.S. I saw some of the screenshots and a short vid of Copernicus. Damn shame that fell through. Was looking really good from what little there was to see.
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                        Hi Jalex and welcome to the forums. This, alongside the recruitment of Zantai, is really excellent news - it is so good to see some of the aims of the Kickstarter campaign beginning to actually happen. I hope you find your time with Crate rewarding and enjoyable.


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                          Welcome Jesse! It must be frustrating to work on a product for such a long period, only to see it disappear in the trashcan for reasons beyond your grasp. Let's resolve that with Grim Dawn!


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                            Glory to the newest Lord of Crate! Bow before him and pray that he shall deliver up to us hordes of enemies to kill and demented landscapes within which to hunt them.
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                              Welcome Jesse !

                              I see the funds from the kickstarter campain are out to good use.
                              copy & paste from the grim dawn kickstarter :

                              "Our goal is about the minimal level of funding that would be required to make a big difference on this project because it is enough where we can start to bring on some of our part-time people, full-time and guarantee them at least a certain duration of wages. This would likely be an animator, artist and designer to start out. We'd also use money for more outsourcing so that we could get additional unique item art and enemy models."

                              so, with Jesse and Zantai Crate has an artist and a designer and now I suppose Arthur is looking for an animator to complete the team ?
                              things are looking good for Crate, but as this thread is about Jesse: nice that you (and Zantai) got a new job so soon after you former employer went bankrupt. I am sure that you and Arhtur and Rhis and Zantai and all part timers (sorry if I do not mention you by name, I am afraid that I dont know your names ) will make Grim Dawn an excellent game