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  • Underground Prototype - Cellar

    Been working out a better way to do undergrounds that utilizes the heightmap, instead of the old tile grid, which was limiting and required a lot of unique geometry just to make a very basic scene.

    Here are some screenshots of a "cellar" style underground. This was just supposed to be a prototype but I think it is getting close to a finished product. Just needs a little polish and more art.

    Getting the undergrounds constructed is one of the larger tasks left to finish before alpha release, so this is a big step forward.

    Also, you might notice we've been playing around with the UI based on prior feedback about it being a little too crowded and noisy. Rhis hates it, of course, but me let know what you think.


    PS: I jumped the gun and started a new month since these are a higher resolution than the old ones and the thumbnails are a different shape.

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    Simplifying the UI has done wonders. Environment looks great!
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      Hey nice update, can't wait to explore that dungeon if you know what i mean

      I like the updated UI, but I have one question though...
      Am i gonna be able to swap the size & side of the Minimap?

      Keep up the good work
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        I like how the dungeons look! Now just add some stuff on the ground/walls (skeletons, bloody torn corpses, some torture equipment), and it will scare the hell out of me even more! =)))

        I miss some parts of the old UI, but if people hated it that much...why not. It does not feel same though (steampunk).

        The pet there, it's the Hound? I might have missed some info..heh. =)

        Thanks for update, medierra! Can't wait for alpha! =)
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          The UI is definitely better.


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            I feel darkness, overwhelming darkness.

            Will you make it alpha to the end of march?


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              Not unless you're talking about March 2013...

              I think there is a fair chance we'll reach alpha this year but it is definitely more than a month away.


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                Great work guys! Loving everything you post about the game. We just have to be patient


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                  It is nice to see the player character away from everything else. The particle effects, the location and all of the enemies look great. However I can not help but fear the equipment that the character is wearing looks a little bland. Of course, still pictures tell a different story to video (yeah, I went there....) Is what we see on the character representative of the early build of the game due to be touched up at some later point? Is it simply just the gear that is equipped, or to help fit in with the theme.

                  In terms of the location environment. I must say that I find it absolutely brilliant. It is grim for sure, candle light illumination, crumbling walls, a oft-placed study to the side. Will there be any other props in place for such an environment. I mean, really, you guys have an excuse to put in exploding barrels now given the inclusion of a cellar. There could be potential for unwitting adventurer bodies strewn somewhere as a feast for the nightmarish creatures that lurk underneath as i.n.s.a.n.e. pointed out.

                  It looks fantastic.


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                    that is a very nice update, I still prefer the old UI then the new one, I think the old one that you did before this one did look more steampunk style, still a nice UI all the same

                    I guess this means no vid right? oh well, you must have had your reasons to postpone it, and that is understandable

                    I love the new cellar and going in dungeons will be so much fun, also nice to know that alpha is one major step closer then before, now that dungeon assets and the way they are generated are nearly finish

                    this is a nice update, can't wait for more
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                      I recently finished playing every character to max level in Diablo 3 and still 5 of my buddies and I get together and play TQIT for hours and hours at least 3 times a week.

                      We can not wait to play this game. Thank you so much for another dose of Grim Dawn drug to hold us over :0)
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                        Looks good. I didn't mind the old UI, this ones good as well (I kinda liked the detailed pieces). I wonder if it'd look better if it was a lot darker in the corners of the screen (it's an underground cellar after all).
                        Shouldn't it be the Forgotten Cellar btw? (caps on Forgotten?)


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                          I'm not usually one to complain about the UI but ... I liked the old UI better. The wooden side panels look like they are tacked on, they don't look cohesive. The XP bar right above the skills I think adds to the disjointed feeling. If the skills had even a slither of the wood panel on the top between the XP bar I think it would look better and the same on the bottom for balance then the side panels would look like they were connected to something. Just my 2 cents.

                          Other than that the undergrounds look awesome. I'm dying to play this game!
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                            we need the old UI back

                            better yet make it an option to switch between the two

                            as I really preferred the old one over the new one
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                              The screenshots are very nice. I like the entire atmosphere in general but something is missing.
                              If I compare it with the catacombs from Diablo2 Act1 I would have to say that I don't get this feeling of "okay do I really have to open that door or can I take a different path?". I think it's party because it is a bit too dark in the dark conrners and too bright where there is light. Maybe make the dark corners a bit brigther and the lightsources a bit less bright? It is just that the light is a bit too white or too bright-yellow. Hard to describe. :/

                              @UI: As I said in the last thread, I really like the old (or at that time, current) UI. Maybe you should open a poll where we can vote old/new UI?
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