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  • Sniping Hounds

    Behold, my mighty crossbow of zapping and poisonization! Okay, so maybe that isn't the real name and maybe the electrical dmg actually comes from a necklace but, hey, this is a dramatization... As you can see, I've scored a hit on a Rifthound as it charges across a plank-bridge and my charged necklace has triggered delivering bonus electrical damage. I started shooting them when they were way off to the left of the screenshot but Rifthounds are fast... very fast. You can see the front of the pack is already across the river and about to circle around behind me. Of course, also behind me is a row of thermite mines.

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    Nice weather effects. I hope you didn't forget your raincoat.
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      ohhh, beautiful!

      I hope you've got a melee-weapon close by then..

      EDIT: apparently you do, since there's a dead "dog" right behind you.. :P
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        I'm disappointed, I came to see dogs sniping.
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          Awesome screen shot! Thanks for the update Medierra!

          Those weather effects are beautiful.
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            The reflections in the water, the atmospheric fog, crisp textures, combined with varied land that really gives it a detailed and cared for feeling, this game is looking better every day. Really guys, you are doing an amazing job!
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              Simply beautiful.

              The river edge on the right side of the screen shot though, just above the rocks, it looks a bit sharp with how it meets the land. Or is it just me


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                You continue to tease in the best way. Every screen shot makes me want this game more.


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                  Is that water or fog (or both) rolling down that path under the bridge?
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                    The environment looks beautiful indeed. The rain and fog, reflection of distorted images in the water, the swampy scenery.


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                      Originally posted by Roros View Post
                      I'm disappointed, I came to see dogs sniping.
                      That was my first impression, too.

                      The weather and object reflection effects look fantastic. As for the mutated mutts, those look great also.

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                        Cannot wait to get into this game. Nice all around shot.
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                          This is quite the great screenshot you gave us there. Really epic atmosphere.
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                            As always keep up the great work!
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                              Kinda gives me that Aliens vibe. Looks good and ambient =)~