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  • Bestiary Preview: Rift Scourge

    Hey folks!

    Checking in this Monday with a little mob preview. What we have here is the Rift Scourge, or what we devs like to call “the Prawn.” Inspired by crayfish and pizza-induced nightmares, these extra dimensional terrors will stop at nothing to eat your face. Some would say they’re a man’s best friend, but those people are crazy.

    Coming soon to a build near you!

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    looks amazing. is the left version a "pupa", and the right one evolved?


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      haha these look awesome! They kinda remind me of sligs from Abe's odyssey and exodus!


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        Oho!! Mean looking vermin! Quick, a 2handed hammer!

        Awesome, I always enjoy your art previews Allminoxy, they shoild let you out of the pit more often!


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          These should make for some delicious meals.
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            They look great!

            Now, will they have variations?

            For instance, you could have a Fire Prawn that have flames coming off of it that does contact fire damage to the player.

            Another variation might be a Poison Prawn that lays down pools of poison at the players feet.
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              Originally posted by kyleblake92 View Post
              haha these look awesome! They kinda remind me of sligs from Abe's odyssey and exodus!
              Ha. First thing I thought of when I saw 'em


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                Originally posted by Chameleon View Post
                These should make for some delicious meals.
                Agreed.. BWC these bitches and eat up

                Or better yet, send them over to Wikus..

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                  Looks neat.
                  It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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                    oooo i like its art. looks very neat.
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                      Probably my favorite looking enemy thus far.. great work. I may be a little biased though as I keep crayfish as pets.

                      More importantly though that would be a very interesting form to shift into.. :P
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                        looks great, good job !

                        it seems that it will be much more in b20 than what i expected. thank you for the update !
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                          Looking nice, job well done. I'm always looking forward to new enemy's
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                            They remind me of Zerglings.


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                              They look disgusting... in a good way.