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  • Grim Misadventure #47: Break it Down

    Another Grim Misadventure is upon us! Today, we would like to introduce a brand new feature coming to Grim Dawn with Build 20: Dismantling.

    With the release of Act II, we introduced a new resource for you to collect in the form of Dynamite. This powerful explosive has helped clear the way through outlaw barricades and opened up secret passages lost to time. You can look forward to further such uses in Act III. However, once youíve blown up all the barricades and unsealed all the sealed places of the world, you might find yourself with a whole lot of boom but not much to use it on. This is where Dismantling comes in.

    Kasparov, the resident scientist of Devilís Crossing, has a theory that the powerful forces consumed in the creation of magical artifacts can be unleashed if enough energy is input into the test chamber. This way, he can investigate their arcane properties on a component level. In order to prove his genius, he will instruct you to collect enough dynamite so that he and his apprentice, Darlet, can perform the necessary experiments.

    Dismantling is a new mechanic available to the Inventor which will allow you to break down items of at least Magical quality into basic materials.

    Dismantling UI

    This process will always yield a few pieces of valuable Scrap, which you can use in crafting and to repair structures such as bridges. The resulting explosion can also create Components, presuming they make it through the intense conflagration. The chance of generating a Component improves with the quality of the item you are Dismantling. The most powerful items can even generate Components of rare quality.

    Dismantling Results

    Dismantling will provide you with another avenue of generating precious materials for crafting and augmenting your equipment while also providing the ever important service of blowing stuff up. It is not the only new feature coming your way though. Stay tuned on 06/23/14 for our next development update!
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    Good one, thanks!
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      Definitely a different way of breaking down things. I'll be interested in trying it out.
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        Awesome update!

        Can't wait to see what exploding a pair of Soiled Trousers gives us


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          Awesome update, Thanks Zantai!

          I was wondering if there was going to be another use for Dynamite, I need wonder no more.

          Dismantling should be interesting to try out.
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            Glad to hear!

            now i finally can use my 400 extra dynamites i have collected along the way

            pretty nifty idea, if i can say it
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              Awesome, well done, buddies
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                Another great addition! It's good to see GD getting better and better~


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                  Excellent update! Great game mechanic that will add even more depth. A+
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                    Interesting idea, can't say I've seen anything like it but build 20 that's a while to wait as B19 isn't even out yet


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                      now i have a memory from Dark Age of Camelot. One person creates an item. Another can enchant it, but with a succes%...upon failure the item explodes in their face and they die
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                        Cool feature because what our mules need are more components. ALL OF THE COMPONENTS!
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                          Very cool! I was hoping for some form of salvaging and now we got it
                          You just gave us a reason to pick up white items.

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                            Build 20 features when build 19 isn't even out .


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                              Originally posted by AlienFromBeyond View Post
                              Build 20 features when build 19 isn't even out .
                              It's called planning.
                              *total speculation* Or, to add fire to speculation, Build 20 is supplanting Build 19.
                              "And the only people I fear are those who never have doubts", Billy Joel, Shades of Grey