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  • Item Preview: Higher level Epics!

    Happy Monday, Forum Friends! I have emerged once again to share with you another sneak-peak of some items hot-off the art press!

    For today’s menu, I’ve included a small sampling of some new epic weapon art to wet your eyeballs. As most of you know, Epics are items of near legendary status. While most of the lower level epic items have been updated, there is quite a long list of higher level weapons waiting patiently to be beautified. It has come to my attention that there may be a couple of players out there who have reached level 35, so some of these items may already be trickling into your inventories. As a result, we artists have been chipping away steadily at the massive stone slab of higher level epic items the designers have ever so kindly graced us with.

    Without further ado, here is that small sampling I mentioned earlier (plus a bonus Blackwood Wand™).

    Hope you all enjoy!

    Blessed Torch:

    Stake Thrower:


    The Mediator:

    Saltcore Bolter:

    Blackwood Wand:
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    Love it! Can not wait to have that torch in my hand :O
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      looks nice))))).


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        looking good


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          Love that Mediator. I will finally be playing some GD coming weekend.
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            Awesome job on the weapon design.
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              COOL! Love the Blessed Torch and Blackwood Wand.

              Will there be an art preview of high-level armor in the future, as well? I'm interested to see what the Dawnguard set will eventually look like.
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                They look awesome.


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                  Looking so damm nice.


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                    So awesome. I love the looks of all of them! Saltcore Bolter though is my favorite

                    Can't wait to get new items!
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                      Also, why "wet" and not "whet"?
                      It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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                        Pretty much this.
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                          The rifles are soo sexy

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                            I want Stake Thrower and Ulda'Jax, now! They look great!


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                              Man, I want to comment on how much love I have in store for that new Mediator art, but I'm too excited about the new Blackwood Wand art! As someone who thought, until one of Zantai's recent updates (in which it was touched upon), that BW was retaining its massive wooden hammer art, I am thrilled to see it now is a "proper" wand. Great job guys, another fantastic update!
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