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  • Grim Misadventure #43: A Tale of Two Smiths

    Rejoice, people of Grim Dawn, for I have returned. Ok, so I was not actually gone, but this update is from me! Build 18 is cooking on high heat and we hope to have it ready for you in the coming weeks. The feature list is just teeming with awesome new things that should make your game experience that much better. Did I mention crafting is coming? Crafting is coming!

    When B18 goes live, you will find that a new quest has been added to the Burrwitch Outskirts. A young blacksmith by the name of Duncan requires assistance regarding a dispute with his master, Angrim. It will be up to you to resolve the situation. More importantly, how you handle things will influence who joins you in Devil’s Crossing, and there is nothing superficial about it.

    Both Angrim and Duncan are experts in their field. They are masters of forgotten forging techniques (hint: Relics!), but they have very different philosophies in bringing the hammer to the anvil. Angrim, a traditional smith with many years under his belt, prefers the tried and true techniques passed down to him from his master, and his master’s master before that. All weapons, armor and accessories he creates are forged with utmost precision and care. As such, whenever he creates these items for you, they are imbued with additional properties.

    Duncan is comparably less experienced than his master, Angrim, but that does not mean he is not worthy of your attention. Perhaps it is the impetuousness of youth or his thirst for discovery, but Duncan is not quite as set in the old ways as his master. He brings to the anvil arcane forging techniques that few can claim mastery over. As such, whenever he creates weapons, armor and accessories for you, these items are imbued with special arcane properties.

    Who will join you on your quest to craft the ultimate items? There are over 150 blueprints to discover during your journey and we’re only just getting started!

    Check back on 04/28/2014 for our next dev update!
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    I love Devs! Love the Ui. I'd like to collect 150 blueprints!
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      Sweet i can't wait for B18 and start crafting some new fresh steel.


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        Dear god. bless the developers of GD with coins and women!

        this looks so cool, going to collect a lot of crystals and iron bits to get me some of those blue prints. Let the farming begin!!! (again :P )
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          Awesome update!!so you can choose just 1 of 2 blacksmith right??


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            Cannot wait and thank you for the continued updates. Looking wonderful!
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              This looks awesome! Keep up the good work


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                Oh my, crate you have outdone yourselves yet again.

                Can't wait to start farming some relics, I loved doing artifact farming in TQ:IT as its nice to have powerful hand me downs for the next alt I make allowing for greater build diversity too =)
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                  awesome. relevant choice even when choosing the blacksmith!


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                    Thanks for the update Zantai! Looking forward to B18 and some crafting action.

                    Also, nice to hear it's only "weeks" away.
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                      Looking forward to it.

                      Which one to pick? WHICH ONE TO PICK?!
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                        I love the different ways you can craft! This really adds to the experience and it also changes how each character will play out.


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                          Yesssss amazing stuff. Finally something to use our aether shards on!

                          Gonna be a long couple weeks till this patch comes out.. Gahhhhh
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                            My family sure won't appreciate the many hours I'll spend searching for and trying out new blueprints, but I sure will. This game keeps getting better and better. I love the meaningful blacksmith decision, it makes it feel like an individual experience. Between that and the myriad of mastery/skill combinations you can come up with makes this a real gamer's game. Thanks, Crate!! You rock!


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                              Cheers for the updates, this next build just gets better and better and that's a nice amount of blueprints to be getting on with. Any idea what level they start dropping at ?

                              Brave move though giving even a rough date for next release, hope it all goes to plan