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  • Grim Misadventure #42: Information Overload

    Greetings! You may not know me, but I have been working in secret to bring exciting new features to Grim Dawn. At last, the time has come for me to leave my programming pit and reveal to you our Character Sheet overhaul!

    Not only did we update the look and feel, but the number crunchers out there will find a wealth of new information at their fingertips.

    ***As with many of our previous updates, what you see below can change before its final debut***

    First, how the Character Sheet looks today:

    And what you can look forward to in Build 18!

    Did I mention numbers?

    Are you a warrior at heart and don’t care for all that magical nonsense? Collapse that heading! No more Magical information cluttering your focus on physical prowess. Or perhaps all this still isn’t enough to hit information overload? Roll your cursor over any stat and you will find a detailed description. Some stats, such as absolute damage values, are further broken down by Main-Hand and Off-Hand damage.

    Offensive and Defensive ability rollovers have been overhauled. At long last, the mystery around these attributes has been dispelled! You will now be able to get detailed information on your chance to hit/crit based on your last target and who last attacked you.

    That’s all I have for you. I must return now to the shadows. Our next development update is coming your way on 04/14/2014.
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    Great work!
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      Good job, not only more numbers, but the font is also easier to read! *thumbsup*


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        Finally! A very welcome update that should make tuning builds a lot easier. Good work and much appreciated!


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          Awesome, thanks for the update Kinree! And another *thumbsup* for the new font
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            Very nice! Hope to have this available soon


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              Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang thats alot of info!


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                A really very detailed statistics. Perfect !
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                  Great work guys...
                  Can't wait for b18 to come out!


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                    That's what I ruthlessly craved in Titan Quest!
                    ..inner silence..


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                      [Wipes face with sleeve]

                      Great work. I hope you keep up the great work.

                      There is a conspiracy here. Kinree and Jalex are out to get Zantai. Last time it was Jalex, he fed Zantai to the rift hounds. But Zantai drew upon his innermost hate and defeated the inferior rift hounds. Then he started wreaking havoc on the forums once more. This lasted many months...

                      ...but it was not to last. His love for chaos has apparently made him enemies among those who would create truth of numbers and new shops for players.

                      Soon our chaos lord Zantai will escape his new prison and bring darkness unto future updates once more.

                      Hope it was fun to read.
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                        nice update indeed, and yeah, a lot of info, wasn't expecting that much, but more is certainly better!
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                          Cheers for the update from the shadows Kinree. Vast improvement over current info, and I really like the fact that having the listing of damage under the magic heading shows exactly which damage will be boosted by spirit

                          Couple of questions, how does this work with skills used as the default attack as in fire strike, will the figures change to include the damage from the firestrike line of skills when used, or will it still just show your normal attack damage.

                          Just to be really awkward, what happens with the damage displayed in this following situation. I'm playing a ranged pyro with maxed fire strike line on my right mouse button as my main attack (so I can be lazy and not hold the shift key to shoot without moving) with Solael's witchfire for added chaos. Will the sheet show the full damage from all the fire strike skills with the added chaos or am I expecting too much?
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                            This is exactly what I wanted to be implemented now I don't have to guess how much +% fire damage I have anymore keep up the amazing work!


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                              Now that, is awesome!

                              I only wish if the the left font color could stand out a little more from the background (perhaps dirty-gold-color-palette or similar to dirty-white on the right side of character information).