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  • Greetings from Westfaliah!

    Hello Grim Dawn fans and supporters!

    My name is Brian Stephens (Westfaliah) and I've just joined the ranks of the development team here at Crate. Though I'm new to the Crate team, I've worked on this tech before, now several years ago at Iron Lore on Titan Quest. I'll be working on multiplayer and gameplay features, and I suppose anything else needed to get this game done and into your hands.

    Most recently I worked at Harmonix helping fill living rooms everywhere with plastic guitars and drums and worked on most of the multiplayer and network features (leaderboards, battle of the bands, challenges, etc.), of the Rock Band and Dance Central franchises.

    Before that, I came to Iron Lore near the end of the development of Titan Quest where I added low-level network optimizations and worked on UI elements including loading screens, HUD systems, skill trees, PvP scoreboards, achievement systems, and enhancements to the multiplayer lobby including a 3D character inspector for examining players in a multiplayer game, their equipment, and their weapons. And let's not forget the time spent working on "Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War - Soulstorm" - a game title with a big number, a comma, a colon, *and* a dash.

    Previous to Iron Lore, I worked on Empire Earth (also with Arthur Bruno), working on the multiplayer engine used in all Stainless Steel Studios titles, the sound engine, scripted physics, and numerous gameplay elements.

    I've always loved aRPGs and that was a big part of what attracted to me first to Iron Lore and now to Crate. Both had great teams full of awesome and talented folks and I'm psyched to get started.

    Also, I'd like to thank all of you for your support of Grim Dawn. When it's said that this game couldn't be made without you, it's really the truth.


    P.S. Our next dev update is coming up on 02/03/14!

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    Welcome! Grim Dawn will be more awesome!


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      Welcome to Grim Dawn team!I m glad to hear that other person is joining the team really.and about Grim Dawn the game is going really perfect for me,(most people say that Diablo 2 kill him but for the game almost kill me was Titan Quest)and now-Grim Dawn really happy to have this game.


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        Thanks for the intro. Some of us are quite excited by what you will bring to the game, let me assure you.

        I provide you here a link to an old thread that is (hopefully) going to fall on your todo list.


        Best of luck to ya
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          Originally posted by jiaco View Post
          Thanks for the intro. Some of us are quite excited by what you will bring to the game, let me assure you.

          I provide you here a link to an old thread that is (hopefully) going to fall on your todo list.


          Best of luck to ya
          + adding visible dps to all abilities, not just melee attacks.... Want to be able to see my blackwater cocktail dps on tooltip please!

          Just a more comprehensive and in-depth breakdown of stats in the character sheets overall... A little more true explanation of what your offensive/defensive ability and statistics are REALLY adding to your character.
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            Originally posted by Westfaliah View Post
            P.S. Our next dev update is coming up on 02/03/14!
            Thanks for the scare, those where a few tense moments until I realized you meant 03/02/2014
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              Greetings once again Westfaliah! (This time on your own dedicated thread ) I believe jiaco summed it up the best by saying some of us are quite excited to see what having you on the team will bring to the table. And as I said on the thread that first mentioned your joining the team, anyone who worked on Empire Earth is a legend of the game developing industry, so count me among one of your fans already!
              Hope you have a great time working at Crate, and I look forward to seeing your work in action with the upcoming Beta release.
              Welcome aboard!
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                Cool cool. Welcome here, good to see more devs joining on


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                  Originally posted by Westfaliah View Post
                  ...UI elements including loading screens, HUD systems, skill trees...
                  I'm happy to read that, Grim Dawn needs you

                  Wish you best guys.


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                    Welcome! Glad to see more members joining the team, and from a couple of my favorite games (Titan Quest and Empire Earth)! Can't wait to see what you do with Grim Dawn.

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                      awesome! hope this game is a big success. it certainly is fantastic for what is already available.


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                        welcome aboard brian!!!
                        glad to have another well experienced member on the already awesome dev. team!
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                          Here is an interesting multiplayer feature for your to-do list.
                          Originally posted by heron View Post
                          Been playing TQ online with a few random host but when the host decides to end the game, the entire party get disband and follow by a disconnect.
                          Originally posted by medierra View Post
                          I don't know if we'd have time to implement this either but a much simpler solution to the particular problem you're describing would be to have the game switch hosting to the next fastest machine in the group when the host left.

                          This would be much, MUCH less costly than developing secure servers. It would probably still take a reasonable amount of time and effort though, so it might be something we'd have to try to do after release if there was enough interest in it.

                          Really with any potential feature we have to assess the amount of work it would take vs. the demand / benefit of it to players. As I've said in the past, there are a million things we'd like to do but we will only ever get to 100 of them. Unfortunately, my guess is that this is probably high on the effort scale but not very widely desired by players.

                          I can certainly see the benefit of it though. So who knows, maybe we'll get to it in time. What we're able to do in the future really depends on the success of the game.


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                            Welcome yet again.

                            So no Grim Misadventures?

                            Ah well.
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                              At first I had my reservations about what it takes in general to tackle multiplayer development, but after seeing the picture of Westfaliah's old car, all bad thoughts went away. If a man can make do with 4 gears + reverse, on a rear wheel drive rear engine car, he's as close to the metal as it gets.

                              I just hope you don't have a knack for hero monster design. I mean between Zantai's 360 degree projectile spammers and Medierra's on death kamikazes, things are getting hairy.

                              Looking forward to seeing your work in-game!