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    Awesome - and it should be good enough to show tendencies. But you need to read kills/minute carefully:
    Originally posted by yerkyerk View Post
    And relying heavily on pets, I didn't get many kills (in TQ, kills made by pets weren't added to the killcounter for some weird reason).
    That's why Earth and Nature ended up at the bottom. Look at mamba's (row 20) and my (row 5) Conjurers. Our pets nicked about 10k-15k kills.


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      Originally posted by medierra View Post
      I feel like we need to hurry up and get GD done just to provide you with some relief!
      Yes, please!
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        Originally posted by Cavar View Post
        Yes, please!
        I second that
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          Originally posted by medierra View Post
          Anyway, I have to admit, I find it very difficult to play TQ now after playing GD. The pacing seems very slow, the combat dynamic is kind of tedious, and the loot early on is very flat and uninteresting as you say.

          I feel like we need to hurry up and get GD done just to provide you with some relief!
          Good news here. =)

          I am glad to hear the pacing has changed since TQ days. I also love your status on early loot! =)
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            Originally posted by Josho View Post
            I like the idea of epic and legendary skills to keep the character development fresh and interesting. As much as I like my higher level characters, I really have no desire to level them up, especially when that experience bar creeps up a millimetre at a time. If I do feel a need to level them up, I have to set a goal of aiming for a particular notch on the experience bar.

            Should it really be like that?
            i think thats the biggest problem of all rpg's

            (what was really rewarding/motivating in TQ was that when you finished epic/legendary and went back to the standard level
            you saw how strong the char has gotten wehn the easy enemys flew through the level )

            i posted my char stats, i played at least 4 chars to lvl 30-65 but i dont remember the exact stats.


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              Thank you all for the assistance in gathering this information, I think it shall prove quite useful as a reference.


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                Added my stats aswell.

                Sorry for the late addition but I had to install the game again. Yes yes I know that's bad but over the years I lost a few too many good items which I thought I had backupped. So I couldn't bring it over me to start again but now that I have installed it again .......... .