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    Originally posted by winter1214 View Post
    Not a real big fan of steampunk which seems to be the direction GD is heading
    Now, that's a false rumour due to the setting.
    Originally posted by medierra View Post
    I use "Victorian" loosely as a term to help convey the look of the game since I think many people are familiar with it and it instantly conjures up certain imagery. However, we're drawing from a larger expanse of history as inspiration for our world. Really I guess you could say we're borrowing ideas and imagery from a range more like 1650ish-1920ish. Some aspects of human culture and technology on Cairn are more primitive than the Victorian period on Earth, some aspects are a little more advanced. So it is sort a mishmash of Colonial New England to WW1 era culture / technology / architecture / clothing.
    Originally posted by medierra View Post
    However, given the fictionalization of the pre-modern period we're drawing our inspiration from, you will see some styles semi-reminiscent of steampunk. We just won't be throwing gears and wires all over everything.
    Originally posted by medierra View Post
    I'd describe it as sword & sorcery, just in a slightly later time period than is typical.


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      I personally love a steampunk setting and feel it's been underutilized in games. I understand some people hate having guns and technology mixed in with their swords and sorcery, and that's fine, to each their own. I loved Arcanum for many reasons, not the least of which was the great steampunk setting. Now I understand this game is not going full on steampunk, just incorporating some of the guns and clothing generally associated with that setting, but I'm happy to get any bit of that steampunk feeling in a game.
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        Nice Raven sounds really cool. Any videos of this class?
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          Pet AI and Leveling?

          Will you be able to give pets commands/behaviors or will they be independent of the player?In addition, can your pets level up and if they do what are the benefits?


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            Originally posted by medierra View Post
            You can't specifically tell the Hellhound when to use its skills but you can direct which enemies it attacks.
            I assume this applies to all pets. So, basically it'll be just as it has been in TQ.
            Originally posted by medierra View Post
            We've attempted to solve the pet issue by having pet level based on character level. So, pets gain attributes and become more powerful with you as you level up. They also have innate skills that level with them and often provide bonuses such as +%total damage, to help scale the rest of their skills. Putting skill points into the pet, provides mostly % based modifiers that make your pet more powerful at any given level. Then of course there are the skill-tree unlockable skills, which will be boosted by the pet's attributes and innate skills.


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              Occultist content

              I have a question closely related to the occultist class. From a religious point of view, I do not enjoy playing games with satanic undertones. This is why I'd never play Diablo, and why I was particularly happy with TQ: No satanism or occultism. (Greek mythology does not have the same "real" feel to me.)

              So when the occultist class was revealed, I started wondering if this is maybe not the game for me. The pentagrams used in the occultist class are an example of what I'd like to avoid. But while I simply can stay away from the occultist mastery, I cannot avoid satanic content if it's a part of the game story. So my question to the devs is: Will GD contain satanic story elements? Will occultism or satanism play an integral part of the game, as I heard it does in Diablo 1 & 2, and for example Max Payne?


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                Hi Cypher12,

                Don't know where satanism starts for you, but I think it does not apply to GD's Occult mastery (click for the description of this mastery) or the game in general. The pentagram is also not an exclusive symbol of satanism:
                Originally posted by Wikipedia
                Pentagrams were used symbolically in ancient Greece and Babylonia, and are used today as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans, akin to the use of the cross by Christians and the Star of David by Jews. The pentagram has magical associations, and many people who practice Neopagan faiths wear jewelry incorporating the symbol. Christians once more commonly used the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus. The pentagram has associations with Freemasonry and is also utilized by other belief systems.
                I hope this clarifies the issue for you. Everybody - please note that we are touching a sensible topic here and that religious discussions are against the forum rules.

                ... welcome to the forums
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                  Thanks for the reply, eisprinzessin. I intend absolutely no discussion or value judgements about religious topics. On that note, your statement about the use of pentagrams is precisely what I would want to remain undiscussed: It is a matter of personal preference whether or not to feel uncomfortable with pentagrams.

                  I am merely asking the developers for more information concerning the occultism topic, so that I may make a more informed estimation on whether or not I would personally enjoy this game. That question still remains open.


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                    Hi Cypher12,

                    As a purely fictional world, it is not our intent that Grim Dawn would have any real-world religion in it. There is no heaven or hell either, only different realms of existence created within the void by the gods. For the most part, I'd say the mythos in Grim Dawn draws more from ancient mythology than Judeo-Christian religion. I also don't really see the Occultist as being a "devil worshiper" but merely someone who uses arcane lore to summon and enslave otherworldly creatures. We use the pentagram just as a magical symbol, not as a reference to satanism.

                    In the story, generally you play the role of a hero, helping humankind to survive and rebuild. There are tough choices and it is a grim world with thematically dark content but nothing that is intended to be satanic. I guess ultimately it depends on your own sensitivity.


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                      Thank you very much for your prompt reply, medierra. Your input is appeciated, I think I will be able to make an informed decision with this.


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                        Not to draw this topic out, since it does ride along the edge of the forum guidelines, but it's also quite true that if you look contextually at what you do in a game like diablo, and its successors, there's nothing really satanic about it. There's plenty 'demonic' perhaps, but only as swarms, and swarms (and swarms!) of enemies.

                        But it's the iconography that can be an issue, on the box art especially, which i'm sure has made a number of potential purchasers wary. When i was a a lot younger, picking up a copy of d1 was a bit of a risk, given how conservative my folks were. personally, i'm glad it ultimately didn't stop me from experiencing 2 (and now 3) well developed arpg's that have a rich, gothic storyline that were/are not as morally suspect as their advertisements may have suggested. (i had to make quick work of trashing the box and the disc cases, though, for d1 as i recall).

                        What's interesting about TQ's setting being relatively innocuous now, is that the greek gods, who were ultimately inherited by the romans, were in fact at odds with the early christians, and TQ's setting and topic may have been far more contentious to conservative elements in that time. History has a funny way of adjusting our viewpoints.

                        In any case, i think medierra's right in that it really is about one's sensitivity to iconography. My guess is that if one can handle TQ:IT and the sprint through the underworld to confront hades, then GD will probably be equally palatable.


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                          Occult reminds me a lot of Nature. It'd be really cool if they shared a similar implementation when it came to summoning, even if everything else is different. In fact, I wouldn't call Nature's wolves "pets" exactly - a "pet" is what the Liche King was to Spirit or what undead minions were to Diablo 2's Necromancer. I think you could blame that on how much support Nature's wolves got from skills and pet items - wolves were no longer just "feel-safe" minions, damage buffers or free DPS - for all intents and purposes, TQ's wolves were Nature's arms and legs. They were living nukes which were at their strongest when you controlled them manually or when you affected their behavior in a way that significantly increased their efficiency. You could even argue that the wolves were Nature class' default LMB - you could use them to scout, to draw away enemy units, to strategically attack key enemy units, to kite mobs, to draw the full brunt a boss-level nuke away from your character, or as a strategic nuke (by using Plague and retreating, giving your frail wolves precious time to do massive damage on enemy units chasing your character). All this on top of essentially being a kill-any-hostile-unit-near-me aura, which is more or less the default mode for summons in most games anyway.

                          In contrast the Liche King from TQ's Spirit mastery, despite having some of the strongest skills in entire the game (one can even argue that he's the most powerful pet in the game), is just a battle pet. Because of the way the Spirit class worked you could probably replace the Liche King with an aura or persistent effect that followed you around (attacking/debuffing enemy units) and you'd get more or less the same result (minus the coolness factor, of course). Diablo 2's Necromancer lacked even basic control over his pets. In essence his summons were just a wall of DPS that allowed him to fling a few spells over at the other side every once in a while.