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  • Upgrades now available!

    If you're looking for B13 change log, go HERE. I accidentally pasted the wrong link in KS and it locks you out of edits after 30mins.

    After much squeaking from you to us and us to... ourselves and later Humble Store, this wheel has finally been greased. If you're a non-English speaker and have no idea what this has to do with squeaky wheels and grease, don't worry about it. The important thing is that Humble Store is going to start processing upgrade requests.

    I'm very sorry that this took so long. A long time ago we looked into creating some sort of automated system for this and determined that our payment processor was not flexible enough to handle it. It wasn't something we had the man-power to handle processing manually. We then partnered with Humble Store who also looked at creating an automated solution for us but the complexity of all the different priced KS tiers, legacy tiers and upgrade permutations made it a nightmare for them.

    In the end, they have agreed that the best thing is to just bite the bullet and start doing it manually.

    If you want to upgrade your existing tier to something else, either to get alpha access or additional rewards or just to support the game, here is what you need to do:

    Note: It is only possible to upgrade to a tier that is currently available on the website. Higher tiers from the Kickstarter are not available.

    1) Email patrick+grimdawn@humblebundle.com with the same email address that is associated with your Grim Dawn download page on Humble Store so that they can verify you in their system.

    2) Include the following information: The amount you paid, your current tier, the tier you want to upgrade to, if you purchased through Humble Store (and not KS) include your transaction ID (if you have one, it should start with an X).

    3) A representative from Humble Store will get back to you and let you know how much you need to pay to upgrade to the tier of your choice and provide you with a method of payment.

    4) Once your payment is processed, you will receive an upgrade and a confirmation email.

    Because these are being processed manually, it may take some time for them to go through, especially if a lot of people request upgrades at once. Please be patient.

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    Woo hoo! Now I can finally pay that extra $5 to get the $50 version... for some reason I thought the expansion-included tier would also have alpha access.


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      To be clear though, if you have a lower tier that provides additional items like the expansion, you'd be paying the difference between the value of the game key you have and the one you want, not the total price of the tier since that would include the expansion.

      For example, the $45 tier from KS is the $35 Pioneer edition + $10 for the first expansion. Since you'd really be upgrading $35 Pioneer to $50 Patron to get alpha, it would cost $15. If we only charged $5 to bring the total $45 to $50, you'd basically be getting the expansion for free, which would probably upset people who paid $50 and didn't get an expansion.

      Sorry for any confusion.


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        First the GOG sale, then the Steam summer sale and now this. Y'all are conspiring to make me destitute.


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          Huh? None of the "new" tiers such as Patron state that you get a free expansion and I assume thats because they snoozed on the Kickstarter and thus they don't get as good a deal.

          Early backers should have more bonuses than folks that come in a year later.

          I want to keep my free expansion more than I want to get into alpha. So, should I just not upgrade?


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            Originally posted by Dri View Post
            Huh? None of the "new" tiers such as Patron state that you get a free expansion
            Loyalist - First Grim Dawn expansion when released.


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              Hehe, I love how this stuff always manages to get even more complicated once you start trying to do it...

              The current tiers on the website aren't new, they were part of the KS campaign and they existed long before that as the previous normal, epic, legendary tiers back in 2010, although they had some new bonuses added since then.

              In the KS some people chose to pay $50 for what is now Patron to get the game, alpha access and some other bonuses. You chose to get the $45 version that is $35 Pioneer plus the expansion. So you didn't get a free expansion, you paid the equivalent of $10 for it. If you want to keep the expansion and move up to a tier with alpha access, you'd have to pay the difference between the base cost of your game key minus the expansion value and the new higher tier.

              So currently you have $35 Pioneer + $10 expansion = $45
              If you want $50 Patron + $10 expansion, that is a value of $60 and you'd need to pay $15 more to get there.

              I should mention though that we will probably transition to beta later this year, so if you just want alpha and not the other Patron bonuses, you should consider whether getting to play a few months earlier is worth $15.

              Hope that makes sense.


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                Oh, Christ.

                The $50 dollar kickstarter tier did NOT come with the expansion. I assumed it did and made an ass out of myself! Hurray!


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                  Hey med, I backed $58 on KS, but at the last minute decided to up my pledge to $85, unfortunately I didn't get back to it in time. So my question is would I be able to upgrade to the $85 version with my KS rewards included (in-game medal). If so, I'd love to upgrade (I'd probably upgrade anyway, but I'd still love an extra item ).
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                    I want only to say that I upgraded my tier form current pioneer to patron, and the whole process was incredibly fast! I want to thank again Josh from Humble Bundle!
                    Patron GrimDawn.pl

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                      I wish there was a higher tier for me to upgrade to! Can you create a tier where I drive up to MA and buy your team a beer at a local bar?


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                        OK ... I'm a little confused,how much I have to pay extra, that I could with Patron version go to Loyalist version?
                        My English is poor


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                          If you bought patron tier using option form this page (Humble Bundle) you must pay extra 35$ (Patron 50$, Loyalist 85$).

                          Personally I think that patron is good enough, you get alpha and beta access, and if 35$ is a problem you should stick to patron and play now in alpha.
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                          Patron GrimDawn.pl

                          "Science is interesting, and if you don't agree you can f##k off." Jeremy Webb


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                            Could you explain me some things? I have a "Pledge $32 or more" bid on kickstarter and do not have (and will never have) steam- or other game-distribution networks account.

                            Is it possible for me to get access to alpha|beta version? And how much money need I pay for the access?
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                              Originally posted by Kildor View Post
                              Is it possible for me to get access to alpha|beta version? And how much money need I pay for the access?
                              No alpha access without Steam, I don't know about beta.