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  • Kickstarter and Existing Key-Holders

    Hello dear patrons,

    I just wanted to post a quick message in advance of the Kickstarter launch to reassure all existing key-holders that you will also get any new items added to the equivalently priced tiers on Kickstarters. The exception being the Kickstarter "service" medal, in-game accessories. Instead you'll get similar but arguably cooler early-support medals (basically the same thing but named to reflect your early support).

    We will provide more detailed information in the coming days but, rest assured, you will given the respect and consideration that you deserve as the earliest supports of Grim Dawn.

    We will also be releasing more detailed information about how to be credited for your existing key if you decide to upgrade to a higher tier.

    Thank you,

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    even if no credit was mentioned in any kind of media ( game, forums ,etc....)
    it is a privilege to be a part of the Grim Dawn creation.
    thank you
    yay I'm a speaker
    ( how long will it be before I will become a motherbored.... ? )


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      I just wish I had the money to have got in as an early supporter.
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        Yeah :>

        Any plan about upgrading via KS?

        Kind regards


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          Upgrade sounds good if possible. I'd surely be getting the $32 or $48 package if I am allowed to upgrade from the Normal edition I got from the website here.
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            it's cool about this information but i bought a standard key.
            For me the most important is the game; i don't care about goodies

            I WANT JUST PLAY

            PS : Kiskstarter is also a very good idea and reinforce links between you and us (fans ...)


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              I really wish i'd been able to get in. Now that Grim Dawn has gotten some real traction (and put out a stellar video) I've convinced my mates to let me pitch in, but it won't be for a few weeks. Ah well, first world problems lol
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                Originally posted by medierra View Post
                Hello dear patrons,

                Instead you'll get similar but arguably cooler early-support medals (basically the same thing but named to reflect your early support).
                That's what I'm talking about

                I hope you guys get a few millions
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                  I was not able to purchase a key before due to my rather empty bank account, but I will definitely help you out on Kickstarter before the cut-off date.
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                    I'm happy to be part of the early supporter and plan to upgrade to higher tier to where my wallet can afford.
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                      Will I be able to duel-wield my early support medal and the kickstarter medal???
                      Legendary Kickstarter Supporter Boxed Deluxe Edition


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                        I'm certainly looking to upgrade from the 32 dollar to the 48 dollar. At the bottom it states just pay the difference? For example I would just pledge 16 bucks and then contact you guys? (i'v never used kickstart before, you guys are legit the only people I feel is worth my time to give money to in advance.)
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                          @Lyanheart - I doubt that as there is only one slot for medals - see Accessories.

                          As this is obviously the TBA In Game Accessory, it is supposed to be replaced by a better medal after some time.


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                            This is really cool ! I am thinking of upgrading from my legendary package to the tiers with the box (around $150)
                            It's going to be huuuuuuuge ! Can't wait !

                            Keep up the good work guys ! ;-)


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                              Well then i might as well take a look at your kickstarter and kick some money in it

                              Love how this is turning out hope we wont wait too long for the alpha

                              I forgot to ask, did you start the kickstart? if yes maybe could a kind soul post it?
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