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    not yet ... we are currently discussing the Kickstarter Preview!


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      Originally posted by Chameleon View Post
      I just wish I had the money to have got in as an early supporter.
      It's not too late !
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        not too late at all
        Legendary key holder since 20/12/2010

        Co-op Digital Deluxe Bundle supporter I hope GD is a success


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          So apparently, my friend Wolfmane picked up an extra epic support package for me some time ago and let me know he got it for me after seeing one of my posts here reminded him that he'd gotten it. I'm probably going to upgrade it when I can to the $48 package and then gift him a copy of Torchlight II in return, when that comes out. Hm..I might draw something for him, too.

          This is so exciting!
          "Shared pain is lessened.Shared joy is increased.Thus we refute entropy."
          -Spider Robinson


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            Looking forward to seeing the Kickstarter take off. I know you guys are going to receive a great deal of support. I mean, you deserve, so why wouldn't you?

            I think this will be a great opportunity to not only speed things along as but to also help you fully flesh out all the nooks and crannies.

            As always, can't wait for a playable release!


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              I opened the Kickstarter page and there was 1 backer, with $18 pledged. Refreshed once and there were 4 backers, and then again and there were 13 backers with $869 pledged - all this within minutes! Sounds like a successful launch, congratulations to you guys.

              EDIT: 18 backers with $1,174 pledged, just 2 minutes after posting this.

              EDIT 2: 20 backers with $1,259 just one minute after the last edit! I'm gonna have to stop doing this now.
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                Yiaie! Just backed !

                Now, where should I send you that mail in order to get a higher tiers with my previous legendary package ?

                And good luck guys!


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                  Official Thread with all the info for existing key-holders.