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  • Combat Video!>1!! 4 Realz this time!


    And... its up! Please proceed to the video section in an orderly aahaHaaGfha! STAMPEDE!

    Figured I would put the link first since most of will probably want to watch first and read this after...

    We thought we'd give you guys a first viewing before we made it public on YouTube. Currently you can only find it if you have the link. We'll make it public for everyone in a little bit.

    Anyway, all of us at Crate are really, REALLY excited to finally share this with you! Can't wait to hear your feedback!

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    Ha just kidding, I gotta say it feels great to see it live.
    Thanks everyone on the forums!


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      <droooooool>... <falls off chair twitching>... Ohhhhh yeah, that's the stuff!

      Thank you medierra (and everyone at Crate) Everything looks amazing! Love the furniture in the house and the sound effects! Actually, the very umm... satisfying sounding hits were the thing that stood out the most to me.

      Just one question: what masteries are being used?

      Edit: Noooooo! Subshaaaaaape! <shakes fist> You beat me to it!
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        LMAO I love the way those bodies go flying into the air and the chunks! the undead explode into chunks of meat! Woot!

        I also like how you got to smash through a door to pass through it and kill the wee beasties hiding inside.

        Though that sudden burst of speed where it looks like the character is sliding across the ground is that an ability or something else? And will some monsters actualy leave bloodstains after you blow them into bits?

        All in all;
        I wants it and I wants it NOW!

        Seriously awsome video guys keep up the great work!
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          Pure...awesome... Going to be itching more than ever to play this now!!! :/

          GD Defiler test version has been released!
          This is NOT yet compatible with Build 18+ character files!

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            Hot damn! Sweetness!

            Things I liked;
            • Smashing through the doors
            • Monster knockback animations
            • lots of gore
            • good combat pacing
            • raining fx

            The main UI and inventory would be nice to see on the next video!
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              Just one question: what masteries are being used?
              The character in the video is using almost all soldier skills with the exception of the canister bomb that you can see exploding at the end.

              Though that sudden burst of speed where it looks like the character is sliding across the ground is that an ability or something else? And will some monsters actualy leave bloodstains after you blow them into bits?
              The sudden burst of speed at the beginning is a charge skill called "Blitz"

              All the bloodsplosions leave splatters on the ground, although the video compression makes everything a little brown and muddy, so it is hard to tell. Spatters can even be left on walls and you can see a good example of this at about 47 seconds in when I smash a zombie over the couch and into the wall.

              Also, don't hesitate to like the video on YouTube and leave some friendly comments... hint, hint... Hehe, I know, I'm shameless but hey, we can use all the help we can get!

              When watching on YouTube be sure to set the video quality to 720HD, on our website we set the link to do it automatically.


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                The music set the mood nicely and kinda made me wanna smash something. The sound effects flowed smoothly and kept a gritty scheme. I appreciated that the monsters bodies would die in different ways, flying in different directions, going limp or exploding (best). What the flip were those flying eye things? Beholders always freaked me out. Only the charge skill seemed a little... flat or unpolished. Course, how do you polish an ability that makes your character run at speed that just doesn't make sense? (Maybe longer strides to simulate sprinting?) Top notch, I literally laughmoaned when he started breaking through the house to kill the zombies inside.


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                  What needs to be said? Purely amazing. It confirms all our suspicions that this game will be great. It looks very polished at a very early stage. We'll all be that much more excited for the release date.
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                      Wow! I really picked the right day to drop in and see how things were going

                      Now this is proper combat! I've been playing Dragon Age and while I'm enjoying it, I find its combat rather flat.

                      Grim Dawn, on the other hand, has that wonderful sense of 'feedback'. Hitting a monster and seeing bloody chunks go flying is extremely satisfying .

                      Anyway, I had no idea the game was this far along. Really, really want to play it!


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                        The fight is really epic ! So fast and violent !


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                          The cupboard's flight at 0:55 is very impressive.

                          Well done for all this awesome stuff !

                          The fight is tough and fast-paced but very limpid too !

                          EDIT : the french forum is updated with the link.
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                            Just amazing, have been waiting so much for this! Good job Crate, it looks very great already.

                            I'll be the first one to give some criticism however amazing it's looking already.

                            - In particular the 360-degree hit is tad too fast cast without any deeper feeling of power in it. It's almost instant and you can barely see any kind of character animation. I do guess it should be fast cast though for situations where you are surrounded badly.

                            - The brutal dismemberments that blow up the mobs in total pieces of meat stand out quite too much. They somehow look very different and different than normal decapitations, like they don't really belong that much to that monster that's being blown up. Although I really don't know, now when I think it, I can still imagine how good it will feel to actually play it and make bunch of mobs into red rain of meat.

                            Just don't get me wrong here, I totally approve the video, and I'm TOTALLY satisfied with it. But I do also realize you devs want criticism as well to aim for perfection.

                            Now for some very good parts of it, that REALLY stand out to me as a positive things.

                            - The hit sound effects do have that punch in them. Very well done, those ones. I'll just hope the swords will have as catching slicing sounds to keep the quality standards up.

                            - The indoor areas seemed to be work well, and to integrate into the environment perfectly.

                            - The general feeling was very haunting. The music fitted like a glove, and ambience on the scene was very deep.

                            Is it just me, or did some of you get the Diablo-vibes outta this one? I once said it feels more like Diablo 3 itself, when you think of the general mood of the game. That opinion stands, hah.

                            Anyway, off with my blabbering for now. I want to thank you all from Crate for easing our pain of waiting for the actual combat gameplay and even more than that, from making this game so much harder to wait. It definitely looks and feels like you have pure winner in your hands. I'll start advertising the video asap.


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                              Wow, thanks for the fantastic feedback and encouragement everyone! Can't wait to show you guys more.