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  • All Early / KS Backers now have Steam Keys!

    The winter holiday seasons are upon us here in North America and today most of our studio is celebrating Christmas. I'm not personally religious, so to me it is more of a cultural tradition but, in the spirit of giving, I thought this would be a good occasion to extend access to all early backers a little bit ahead of what we have previous announced. Everyone who contributed to development at any level should now find a Steam key on their Humble Store page. Please note that you need to claim a new steam key, not the longer Grim Dawn installation key that was already sent to everyone (the longer key you already have is for installation without Steam once the game is finished for those who choose to do that). If you had early access and are already playing the game, please disregard all this key information - it is only for new players.

    If you don't remember how to retrieve your key, enter whatever email you used to purchase the game into this key re-sender:


    Additional instructions can be found here in the alpha release announcement if you have trouble activating your key on Steam:


    Also, again, sorry to anyone who has felt frustrated waiting to play the game. Our development delays have pushed back all our anticipated release / access dates and we've tried to do our best in balancing the pace of access between people who paid for different priced tiers / early levels of access while getting everyone playing within a reasonable time.

    Also, B16 is in the final stages of testing and will probably be released in early January with a couple new quests and some big environment art updates.

    Act 2 should follow later in January or February.

    So, happy holidays, to those observing them and to everyone enjoy the game! We look forward to hearing your feedback.

    On that note, I better get back to dinner with my family before I get in trouble!

    - The Crate Team

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    Awesome news!

    Enjoy your Christmas!
    Shadows of darkness Ever watching without sight Linger in silence
    Screams of dying breath Of all hope forever lost Dismay Fear then Death
    Darkness now sated Without hunger they will wait Mercy unheard of


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      Great news Merry Christmas!


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        That's awesome news, thanks guys!
        Hank: Oh boy, this planet that you're from? How far from the sun we talking?!


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          Oh my god, what a great Christmas gift. I even threw my back out this morning running after my nephews and niece, now I can sit in front of my PC and forget the pain. Many thanks and happy holidays


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            This is just awesome, thank you so much!!

            Really looking forward to try this game out.

            Grim Dawn was actually the first project I backed on Kickstarter


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              It's happening!
              I can't wait to play


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                Merry Christmas guys! Hope your all having a wonderful time with your family's! God bless each and everyone of you! See you in game for B16 ; )


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                  Awesome news, Merry Christmas to you guys.


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                    This is some awesome news to get during Christmas, Thx Developers and enjoy your Holiday/New years eve.
                    Grim Dawn is love,Grim Dawn is life



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                      Oh Man. For a brief second I felt like a little kid during Christmas. THANKS CRATE ENT!


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                        Excellent move Arthur and crew -- the more players, the merrier!

                        Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!


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                          I was thinkin to myself "You know what...I own a copy. Let's just go ahead and have a look around and see what I think."

                          (I have this thing about playing games before they're finished)

                          ...3 hours later I figured out why I couldn't find my key in the Humblebundle store. It's attached to a different email address. *sigh*


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                            i dont understand that sorry -i have steam key already(not the longer one)and i play the game what doesnt that mean--Please note that you need to claim a new steam key ??????


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                              @terec - if you have been playing GD through Steam, then just ignore these instructions.

                              These are only for those supporters, who only have a long no-early-access key from Crate and had not been able to claim their Steam key from the Humble Store up to now.