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  • Caution: Falling Objects!


    ...and whats that I see in the background?!

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    Some towering two-headed mutant beast of which I will surely have to double-tap in the head with my salty rifle


    'BTW', really nice with some usable world-objects
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      It's freakin' cool, that's what it is!


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        Mmmm... So we have some destroyable stuff now as well? :P


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          OOOOOh, so we got some bloody action.

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          Scripted event or destructible stone objects to stop them....? Second one even better but first solution is cool too.

          The waiting big-mutant-zombie in the background looks also promising.

          Super Shot! Your efficinecy is satisfyin'. I love it. Thx.
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            You guys are incredible ... how much damage do the zombies take from the falling arch?


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              Looking better and better


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                Ooh... yeah! Very nice! Thanks medierra for taking time to give us another screen to drool over!

                Two questions:

                1. Is it just me, or do those zombies look fast?! Two of them look like they're running... that would certainly put the fear of (what's the god in Cairn?) into the player! More like 28 Days Later.

                2. I see the big zombie in the background at the top-center... but what is that in the top-left corner, behind the railing? It looks like some kind of one-eyed golem. Or am I just seeing things?
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                  Overall a lot of detail Textures, i see r_showTris.
                  And nice Physiks/Trigger how func_moveable, outstanding Grafik
                  hope the gameplay very worthy.


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                    This game is looking better and better each passing month! Destructible environment? Hell yeah!

                    Awesome mutant beasts? Check!

                    Keep adding to that list of awesomeness.

                    Hope to see power-ups.

                    Anyways, I would probably take more destructibles any day of the week also... hehe...

                    You guys impress me with every new screenshot!
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                      The destructible environments are seriously probably the most bad ass thing ever in grim dawn (right now). Running around blowing up stuff is just unbelievably cool. It really makes the game/environment so much more exciting.


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                        As if my excitement for this game couldn't get any higher! Looking mighty awesome!


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                          this looks so awesome!there was 1 destructible object in tq what about that thing in Egypt before the scorpion boss i think. but now i aspect a lot more. nice job on the flesh golem and map and everything!
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                            Screenshot was worth the wait. Looking great guys.


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                              Answers to some questions:

                              These destructible objects are not scripted and are a newly coded feature, completely different than the destructible object in TQ, which was just sort of a hack.

                              Yes, the zombies are indeed faster, 28 days later style zombies. They're not not quite at a full run but they're not slow and pondering either.

                              Object damage will probably be based on character level so that we can ensure it scales up throughout the game and never becomes severely over or under powered. I think it should kill or seriously injure smaller things like zombies but probably only put a small dent in more powerful enemies like the flesh hulks in the background.