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  • Kickstarter video

    I have lurked grimdawn regularly for a long time. One of the things i have to say is that your ability to present yourself with class outshines all expectations!

    I for one have not been sold on 'buy grim dawn before its ready' for a few reasons... Mostly past burns by companies never meeting expectations after taking money, but also from my experiences in action RPGs like this (ala titan quest) where I found the game to be too fast (killing a boss in 10 seconds never appealed to me, drawn out battles of attrition and squeeking through was always more of an accomplishment in my memory).

    the kickstarter video did two things for me, demonstrated a boss fight (what I suspect was a boss fight) where the player took a while, some actual tactical movement and a lot of effort to over come, and an over all explanation and appeal to the communities good will.

    Both of which I just wanted to write this quick message and say, thank you.

    I'm going to go pre-order your game now, I probably won't partake in your forums often, but I will buy a second copy and maybe a third copy of this game when it comes out if you continue to maintain the same level of care and attention you seem to at this point.

    great marketing, great product, great attitude.

    can't wait to try it out!

    www.SynergiesMOD.com Conversion mod for TL2, could there be one for GrimDawn, most likely!

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    Thanks for buying Grim Dawn, hope to see you lurking around!