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  • Background music

    Has there been any discussion about or creation of background music at this stage of the game's development?

    I greatly enjoyed the many variations on the theme from Titan Quest. While different regions had their own flavors, the underlying theme maintained the continuity of the music perfectly. A similar approach to GD would be great, although I don't want to give the impression that I want for this game to be a mirror image of TQ. I'd be just as happy to hear a few central themes that denote different settings or encounters.

    One question regarding the option to play background music: Can one of the settings be to maintain a continuous loop (provided that a character is in a region long enough for a track to be played more than once)? While TQ had an option for 'more frequently', I would have been even happier to hear the music repeat without delays.

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    Sonic Mayhem likes to make music and hes freed up right now from his work on M.A.G. ^_^

    But that may not happen... also Please X1,000,000 get Bang Camero to redo the title track for the boss fight again! I still have that song (Rock of Mages) as my theme in my car when i go to work... a week doesn't pass that i don't hear it in some form, be it though my phone or when Im pumping up for my 12hour shift. Its even on my workout mix!

    Bang Camaro said in an interview he was so honored and excited to do it, and as you know he can pump out some awesome music in a very short amount of time, even though the entire week was full of nothing but roadblocks he still managed to pump out Rock of Mages.

    If i wasnt reading into it to much, i can happily assume he would LOVE to work on Grim Dawn in some form

    Sorry YerkYerk Im breaking out a Hellgate Reference...

    The music there was based off a player context event system where tracks were auto sequenced together to form a cohesive song that was always different with every play. Anarchy Online employs the same tactic there by giving the players a new track each time. The worst thing you can do to a game (from a sound designers perspective) is mute the music. Therefore a dynamic score is a great idea... oddly Sonic Mayhem has some experience with that, he worked on hellgate aswell XD

    Oh and the AO team might be helpful if you can get them on the horn... Maybe find a musical genious in the community. The Witcher heard a song called Shaent Blathanna by Adam Skorupa, they liked it so much from what I understand he helped with some tracks on the game itself.
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      Always a chance you can find talented folks over at OCRemix.

      They do game remixes mostly, but I think there are some of them that do original music also.

      I've got heaps of remixes from them, all very good quality stuff.


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        Actually.. Music was one of my favourite things about Diablo I and TQ (+ IT).
        It may also be surprising to know that some players prefer different play-styles.
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          Unfortunately Bang Camaro is a band, not just one guy and they recently went their separate ways. I was hoping we'd be able to get them to record a new song for Grim Dawn but I don't know if we'll be able to get them back together again.


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            or maybe buy one of their previous tracks?

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              Possibly have a music contest amongst the community? Something amazing may crop up. I'm sure that I'm not the only muso active on this forum that would be totally psyched to potentially have their song somewhere in GD.

              Of course, should nothing good crop up you can just ignore all the entries and go your own way with it
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                So, what are you guys doing for the in game music?
                Do you have someone in mind?