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  • WTT Paypal for KS pledge

    Hi there,

    I would like to back the project on Kickstarter but I cannot use my CC.

    I'm wondering if someone is willing to pledge for me using my KS account in return I will transfer the 18 bucks to your Paypal account.

    EDIT: If you prefer I can also buy any game for 18-20 bucks on Steam.
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    Hi iKindred,

    If you have a CC, why can you not pledge yourself? Is it due to
    I'm international and keep getting asked for a US address when pledging. What do I do?
    If you are a non-US Amazon Mechanical Turk user you may experience a problem trying to pledge. We've alerted Amazon about this bug. Sorry this is annoying. To circumvent this, you should create a new Amazon Payments account. On the Amazon Payments sign-in page, click "I am a new customer." You will need to use an alternative email address that does not already have an account associated with it.
    ... welcome to the forums


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      Believe me, I'd do It if I could. The only CC I have right now It's not an "international" card so basically I can only use It within my country but somehow Paypal happens to accept it. Sadly this is the only payment service I can use ATM.


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        Hey iKindred, welcome!

        Do any of these methods work for you?
        How can I pay without a credit card? Why is there no PayPal support?
        We're sorry that we can't offer better payment options for those outside the US. We realize this is a problem but it is largely outside our control. At the bottom you can fine more information about why we cannot offer PayPal but first, here are a few suggestions we've found for alternate payment methods that might be available in your area:

        I received an email from a fan a while back who had come up with a solution for this and I posted it to the forum: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=2172

        Also, another backer named Matt suggested that German fans could use paysafecard and convert it into an Amazon.com voucher to pledge on Kickstarter.

        "Treat paysafecard only as a prepaid card, that means you can't transfer money to it. Once used, you need to buy another one. So thinking about it as a CC is wrong. Now, about amazon and as far as I know, Germans can use their shop to exchange psc into amazon vouchers, but other countries don't have this option available right now and I don't think we'll see this in the near future.

        I myself use psc only in steam store, it's more convenient and secure. You know, I don't need to provide any personal information, just 16 digit code and it's done. Hope it helps a little."

        We found this payment method posted on the Double Fine forums:

        1. Bought a Ukash voucher.
        2. Converted it to a Ukash NEO prepaid MasterCard.
        3. Used that prepaid (debit) card to back the project
        Such a card is a (temporary/virtual) prepaid MasterCard. It works just
        fine with Amazon Payments.

        The Ukash NEO prepaid MasterCard I used was completely virtual: all I had to do is go out and buy a Ukash voucher; all other steps I could perform from behind my computer.

        Unfortunately, for reasons beyond our control, we cannot offer payment through PayPal. We realize many people do not use credit cards and are very sorry that we can't provide a payment option for them. If you want more information about why we cannot offer PayPal, please check out this post on our forums: http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1880


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          Thank you yerkyerk. I'm gonna check those methods.


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            I just wanna give a big thank you to Father Squid for taking the trouble to help me with this matter. He pledged for me and I could finally back the project.


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              Good for you!