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  • Collectors and Deluxe Edition be available after KickStarter?

    Just wondering because I currently can't afford them, but in the future I would love to grab myself a copy. And I'm referring to the physical copies.


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    can't really answer that, but if its like the other KS projects, box copies are a KS exclusive, as its normally a publisher that handles that line of work, to continue to make box copies after the KS funding has ended, I don't really see happening, as it will continue to add to the cost of making ans shipping the box and game

    also, the box copies will cost, so whatever KS makes, fees and prizes will be knocked off the total

    that is why I'm keeping to digital copies, so more money goes on the game itself, rather then on making the box and shipping
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      Hi Doe,

      It might be feasible to continue the Digital Collector's/Deluxe Editions, when Crate will have revised their pre-order system. I assume they will produce some surplus boxes for higher tiers. But I really cannot say if it'll be worth to offer those for sale. Maybe there will be only a handful extra boxes, which they might want to give out on special occasions.

      Don't hold me to it - I'm just thinking loud here.

      ... welcome to the forums.


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        This is the most recent feedback on boxed versions:
        Originally posted by Crate Entertainment
        from the KS comments (April 29)
        We're not sure if we'll offer the boxed version after Kickstarter ends. We may partner with a publisher at some point to get a boxed version into retail stores but I can't really say for certain.