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  • Can I have some reassurance please...

    I want to get the legendary fan edition but I just can't help but feel that this amazing game might never come out, after all I could spend the $50 then a couple months later "sorry no funding project shut down, money has been spent on developments so no refunds." I just want some moderator or something to reassure me and I will get the key today, but please just be honest about the chances of this game coming out.

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    its coming, there is a kickstarter project that will hopefully raise more money to get a few more full time staff working on the game

    basically the game is mostly done, the main thing why its not hit alpha is content, 5 monsters need to be animated, but the main guy who does them is working on the new warhammer online game, so his time on getting the new monsters done is limited, if the devs get more funding from the KS project more staff which means the game might come out quicker

    this game isnt going to be pulled, the devs are using the same engine as Titan Quest, and the devs know about the engine, they are enhancing the modding tools, and more, there are videos as well, the most recent one is the occultist, and the game looks pretty much done, but like I said, its content that is taking time

    again hopefully the KS funding will help with that, I already purchased two keys, and will do so again when the KS project is up, I have high hopes for this game, to be honest with you, there is a higher chance of GD coming at then torchlight 2, (as that too has been pretty slow) but I feel GD will beat that and D3 combined, but that is another subject for another time

    I'm no mod, but I know this game is coming out, the engine is there, unlike many projects of similar size they have to get funding for another engine or make their own which will cost, TL1 was a small game, TL2 will be bigger, but TL2 wouldn't have come out if there was no TL1 or an xbox version. what GD will be will be a shortish game, (size of Greece in TQ) but expansions will be made available to enhance that, on top of whatever the modding community comes up with (and there are some awesome mods the TQ) so GD mods will probably be even more awesome

    in the end, the game is coming, you give need some patience, but its coming, if the KS funding is successful, then the game will be even better. don't really know what else to add really. I suggest you support the devs or wait for the KS funding to start then support them then
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      Me too i'd like some reassuring about Grim Dawn but I have great hope about it and it will be released soon enough. Patience always pays off.

      Even though i'm eagerly awaiting this game and we don't know the release date yet, I still bought a Legendary Key a few days ago to encourage the team behind it.

      Every penny counts here and i'm glad I could contribute a bit in it.
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        If you read the information about purchasing the key you can see that the extra funds are not actually funding the release of the game. The game will be released regardless of any extra-funding gained through legendary keys or otherwise. The extra money will go towards extra things that the devs would like to put in the game.

        As Matthew says a KS project is on it's way which will hopefully raise more money so that the devs can add even MOAR stuff to the game.

        To re-iterate. The game as-is being developed will be released.

        Someone poke me with a stick if I am wrong!
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          Hi Scorpion-god,

          Welcome to the forums - I found some older feedback for you:
          Originally posted by medierra View Post
          If you're worried about putting your money down now, I'd suggest you just hold on to it until we get closer to releasing something. You can always follow development here and then decide to invest your money later if / when the time feels right.
          Also see:


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            Hi Scorpion-god,

            To be absolutely assured that you'll get a released game for your money, the best thing to do is wait until release or at least until we're closer to release.

            I'm currently 91.835% confident that we're going to at least make it to alpha release and, assuming nothing goes horribly wrong during the rest of development, the final release. But who knows, some unforeseen catastrophe might smite us with financial ruination and/or death.

            So, if you're worried, I'd just wait. While we would love to have your support, $50 isn't going to make it or break it and we don't want to have someone stressing out about the future of the game. Too much pressure!


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              Isn't the world supposed to end in December of this year ?
              Anyway, if that is so, then you might as well join a cult and shave your head.
              But then again, I don't concern myself about such things such as whether this game is going to come out or not, it is made by the same guys that made Titan Quest, and that is enough for me.


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                for all the prompt replies and even a reply from "Medierra" themselves. Just so you all know I have been watching this game for a while now (before pre-alpha videos were posted.) I simply never made a forum post because all my questions got answered so I felt no need to post, however as I said I am glad to have a reply because it shows me the dedication of the team and I will be getting a legendary key shortly. Thank you all.
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                  Thank you for choosing to support the development of Grim Dawn despite the uncertainties.


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                    One of the lead designers is working on another Warhammer game....

                    I'm sure he has to go where the money is for reality sake but sheesh, do those games even sell? Grim Dawn, while not as big as a licensed title, will be a lot bigger than some Warhammer part 50.
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                      if you're unsure, nobody is telling you to pay. you could still lurk the forums to know what's happening and in which stage they are. what's more, you can even wait until the demo to try it out yourself before committing your money. but if GD doesn't come out, money would be the least thing to worry about.


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                        ... provided that there wil be a demo.


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                          Originally posted by medierra View Post
                          But who knows, some unforeseen catastrophe might smite us with financial ruination and/or death.
                          Yep, you never know. Dollar collapse, a violent plague released, 90% depopulation and then a one world government in which no video games can ever be developed again.

                          However, I'm banking on being able to play this game.


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                            This game does look promising. However, I understand that it might be a good idea to wait. I am financially tight as of now due to the fact I will be getting a car soon, so I tend to be very careful about what I invest in.

                            As the game approaches release, I will probably cash in.



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                              Just stick a little longer with us and see how long you can resist

                              No, seriously - hold your purse ... also see Contributions - Are we Crazy to Ask?