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  • Titan Quest - Steam Sale

    If you haven't played Titan Quest yet, Steam has it on sale for $5 along with it's expansion. It won't support the now defunct Iron Lore but it's a great chance to enjoy a great game if you haven't yet


    Sorry for the double post if it's already on here.
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    Yea i just noticed as well, great game, if you haven't played it, it's a must buy for the ARPG genre.


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      $4.99?! Talk about a steal!


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        I wonder who gets the money, Crate or THQ?
        After Void(null) left there was basically no point anymore...


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          Mostly steam and thq, I'd imagine. I wouldn't be surprised if crate doesn't see a dime of it.
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            Originally posted by Void(null) View Post
            I wonder who gets the money, Crate or THQ?
            Yeah, I wondered about that as well. I'd buy TQ again if I knew the original devs are still getting royalties on it, but I'm less inclined just to throw money at THQ. I guess in any case THQ will see more sales as an indicator that PC ARPGs like TQ have lasting commercial appeal and that they should publish more of them in the future, which = win for everyone.

            In conclusion, I think every gamer should buy it. At $5, this is possibly the best value you can get in a video game. I'm pretty sure I'm preaching to the choir here, however.

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              Yup, you are.

              Crate won't see a dime, they get no profit from TQ sales (well, perhaps indirectly, as GD can currently be seen as the spiritual successor to TQ).

              Anyway, might make a nice gift

              EDIT; it's currently on the second position of topsellers on Steam. Let's see if it can beat Battlefield..
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                I honestly don't see how much cheaper it can go, $4.99? shessh

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                  I feel bad that Iron Lore won't get the money, but I just bought TQ again because I share a copy with my brother and he has the discs right now so I can't play(I'm at college he a few hours away at home) I had contemplated torrenting the discs and just playing with my CD key, but I feel alot better about just buying a copy just for me.

                  Also on a side note about TQ one of my favorite things, and the reason I actually bought TQ in the first place was I worked at a gamestop and ended up getting a mini-artbook, I honestly didn't know anything about this game other than it was some sort of RPG and was mythical, This is really all I needed to know to want to buy it, so back to my question, is there gonna be some sort of compilation of concept art or something released online for us to fawn over before the game comes out?

                  Sorry for my gross abuse of comma's up there.


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                    Not to be rude, but posting questions to devs in a completely unrelated thread assures the lowest possible chance of getting an answer...

                    Anyway, I wonder if TQ will be able to beat the Battlefield presales.. it's kinda interesting how it has already beaten an impressive list of games in sales. But the "Weekly Sales Chart" doesn't work for me (I get a bunch of ASCII gibberish both in Chrome and IE8...).


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                      Where do you find the weekly sales chart? I've never seen that before...


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                        As yerk mentioned, neither Crate nor its employees are entitled to any royalties generated by TQ, so we will never make any money from its sales, no matter how many copies sell.

                        Crate is comprised mostly of former employees from Iron Lore and though some of us were in lead positions on Titan Quest, we were not involved in the ownership of Iron Lore. Iron Lore is owned by Brian Sullivan and Paul Chieffo, both of which have gone on to do other things and are not invovled with Crate.

                        I noticed the question about the artbook because I read yerk's comment about me not seeing it - ironic huh? Anyway, sorry to say but there is very little chance we will create an art book since we aren't really generated a lot of concept art and couldn't afford the cost.


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                          Heh, ironic indeed

                          If you click on the "Top Sellers" tab, at the bottom of that list there's a "Weekly Sales Charts" with an RSS feed icon next to it.
                          It has been around for quite some time and I've never got it to work properly..


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                            Works for me...no TQ on it though...
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                              Well, it's in the "top sellers" 10 at the second position; but that's probably something that is updated every few hours. So, perhaps next week..