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  • PURCHASED: Legendary Fan Edition and Suggestions

    Hey Dev's! I just wanted to say "Thanks" for making this available to the hardcore gamers out there. I was a huge Titan Quest fan. Purchased it 3 times, actually. Once when TQ first came out. Then again when the Gold Edition came out. Then again on Steam since most of my games are on there now (easy to keep track of games, no need for physical media, etc.). Love the ARPG genre and have played nearly everything that is out there across PC's and consoles so needless to say I am extremely excited to play your new game!

    The ability to join the Alpha and Beta for this game is a huge bonus and I am really looking forward to providing feedback. So thanks!!

    A few suggestions for the final game:

    1) Boss battles are FUN. Mini bosses are great, too. Plus, it adds to the story progression when you defeat one by breaking up the monotony of churning through wave after wave of baddies and gives memorable moments to the game. If you could make sure you add them to GD that would be awesome.

    2) Secret Areas. Please oh please add secret areas. Like the locked gate in TQ:IT. I can't tell you how long it took me to figure out how to get in there and once I did, going in there to get the mad XP and loot was a must stop on each play-thru. More of those, especially ones that are difficult to figure out how to solve and get into would be fantastic.

    3) Co-op loot sharing: I am called a loot ninja because I usually scoop up the loot before anyone else can get to it. Shared/splitting gold no matter who picks it up helps this immensely. Please make sure this is set to lessen the co-op looting frustrations.

    4) Marketing, marketing, marketing. Make sure you get it to sites like Joystiq and Co-Optimus before the game hits the shelves. These guys are huge hack n' slash fans and their reviews/previews are better than any add campaign you can run on web sites, etc. Reviewers like IGN and GameSpot are normally crazy harsh on games in this genre so I usually wait till Joystiq reviews it before I pass judgment on if I should buy it or not because the reviews are usually done by fans of the genre and talk directly to the other fans out there. I don't think I am alone in that thinking.

    The pre-alpha video you released looks fantastic and surprisingly polished for a pre-alpha. Great work! Keep it up, the fans are already drooling in anticipation!


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    I think it would be great if loot were rolled on, as in an mmo, rather than first scoop first serve.


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      #3 GD will have individual loot only.
      Originally posted by medierra View Post
      I was thinking a filter so that each person only saw loot dropped for them and if they didn't bother to pick it up, no one got it. Basically, as someone described, for loot it would be as though you were playing single player.
      ... that is except for Auto Gold Pickup


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        Originally posted by eisprinzessin View Post
        #3 GD will have individual loot only.
        I can't remember having read that quote from med. Thanks, that's very good news to me


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          Oh thank God, as that was the one aspect of multiplayer in this genre that I didn't like.

          You had to be super quick on the trigger finger to ensure you found loot - this will help immensely.