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  • Would it be possible to work puzzles into the game

    I was wondering if it would be possible to work puzzles into the game.

    I don't mind the silly sort of quests that Dungeon Siege had but something more along the lines of dragon age (which only had 2 imho), half life (1 not 2) or space ranger 2 (which is completely different sort of puzzle than the others).

    I realize that the first game did not have much in the way of puzzles and I realize that not all players like riddles/puzzles. Still I think it might add a bit of a diversion in the hack/slash repetition of the game.

    The dragon age sort of puzzle (if you played the game) were the squares you moved; and the bridge (neither were all that complex or difficult); half life 1 had a bit of toggle switch sort of puzzle; space ranger 2 (which I really enjoyed) had these text puzzles you completed as part of contracts.
    This is of course a very tricky request because the wrong sort will annoy most people; still I think the type (esp if optional) that requires a few minutes of thinking adds a lot to the game.

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    I quite enjoyed the ones in dungeon siege, but only for the first playthrough. When you're on your 3rd playthrough with 3 other friends and run into a puzzle that's intended to take 10-15 minutes, everyone just kinda goes "oh geez..". Even when I had some of them down to a science and did them as fast as possible with the minimum amount of actions, it was long enough to make everyone wish we could just skip it.

    If the game does end up having puzzles, I could see it making sense for coop to replace that certain area with something that doesn't quite take as long, or remove them outright.
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      I don't think this will add much to the game in a sense of lore or story. Neither do I think that just inserting a random puzzle into this game will help set it apart from anything. Maybe if the developers manage to make an interesting and preferably action and fighting-filled puzzle, it could work, but do you really think a game like this would need it?


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        Sorry to say but I really think puzzles are best left out of this sort of game. I think maybe they could be done in a way that would be fun if we had a bunch of time and resources to devote to their development but that just isn't the case right now.


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          Maybe an expansion pack or mod then medierra?


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            I suppose you could have some sort of expansion where you are stuck in a labyrinth or trap, having to puzzle and fight your way out. A single-player type of thing though. I'm thinking along the lines of some of the old Ultima dungeons (if anyone else remembers them).


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              Originally posted by Llama8 View Post
              Maybe an expansion pack or mod then medierra?
              Yes, I think that is quite possible. Right now we're focused on doing the things that we thing will have the most far reaching benefit to the game. Primarily this means features or improvements that will be experienced throughout the game as opposed to just during a few points in the game. So stuff like improved combat mechanics, crafting system, hit effects, etc.

              As we move on to expansions and such I think we will be able to turn our attention to smaller add-on elements like puzzles.