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  • To the developers: Will Grim Dawn support custom color profiles?

    Many games these days do not support custom colour profiles. They simply force default uncalibrated "ugly" colours when the game runs full screen.

    Thankfully, TQ was one of the few games that allowed and kept custom colour profiles, and I am wondering if Grim Dawn will have that same aspect.


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      Uh... what indeed?

      Assuming I understand you correctly, you're asking if the game will run with whatever custom color profile you've configured for your display as opposed to disabling it?

      Well, if TQ did that, I expect GD will also. We haven't changed anything in that regard.


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        I think TS wants to ask whether or not we'll be able to customize our appearance ingame (like the armor dye potions in TQ).

        It shouldn't be too much work to include a decent working colouring system, I guess? Could even work abit like in TQ. Dye potions that can be used on a single item, giving that item the dye colour.


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          NVM, there was dyes in TQ lol...but they weren't really that great (just recolored the tunic which was covered by armor anyways).

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            Both Nvidia and ATI enable setting up "custom color profiles". I actually just started using one when I got a new monitor and it is weird, as XP boots, just at the end when the desktop is displayed, you can see the switch in color. But I have no idea how a game would use or not-use these settings...from medierra's comment, I assume it is up to the engine and not really a conscious choice made by the game developers.

            Thus, the standard: "If TQ does it so will GD" seems to be an easy win for this concern.
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