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  • Mastery Idea : The Beastmaster

    I thank Winterfate because I took inspiration of his model of presentation. Anyway, here comes my idea of a pet mastery. Some skills have number value, some not. Just ideas though, I'm really open to discuss it.

    Description :
    In the Imperial Army, Beastmasters were in charge of all the most hideous creatures. They can break almost any living being and turn them into a very obedient ally.

    Style of gameplay :
    A Beastmaster relies on the powerful creatures he tames. They kill for him, they die for him. But even without them, he can be a strong physical two-handed melee fighter. The Beastmaster can either use his pets for his own benefit or protects them with care.

    Stats Importances : Physique, Cunning, Spirit

    Each point in Beastmaster Mastery gives : +2 Physique, +2 Cunning, +25 Health, +15 Energy

    Skills :

    Whip of Sorrow - The Beastmaster casts a giant magical whip. Any creature hit by the whip becomes the possession of the Beastmaster and no longer have will.
    [Charms a monster for 60/120/180/240/300/360/420/480/540/600 seconds. Max monsters the Beastmaster can control : 1/2/2/2/3/3/3/4/4/5 ]
    Cooldown : 30 seconds Energy Cost : 300
    The main skill of the Beastmaster. He can tame any monster except bosses and quest monsters. Some heroes monsters may resist it. Since the whip is magical, it also works on undeads and machines-like creatures.

    Taming Blade [Left-Click Skill]
    The Beastmaster deals more damage to his enemies with his two-handed sword. 6 charges levels. +10%-40% damage. +5-20% speed attack. Needs a two-handed sword.
    Basic Attack. I'd prefer him to use a whip but a sword is good too.

    Master's Will (Passive synergy of Taming Blade) - Can hit several opponents at the same time.
    9% chance to be used
    360 Arc Attack
    +80% damage
    2-6 Target Maximum

    Biding chains (passive) - Skill passive which deals counter damage when a creature is hit by an enemy. The damage raises as the player controls more monsters.

    Fur Coat (passive) - +% Damage Resistance, +% Pierce Resistance

    Unyielding Yell - When fighting, the Beastmaster can shout at enemies to frighten them.
    8.0-10.0 meter radius
    4-6 seconds of fear
    50% chance to fumble attack during 8 seconds.
    Nice crowd control.

    Threatening Shout (passive synergy of Unyielding Yell)
    The shout is fiercer and now stuns the monsters surrounding the beastmaster.
    3.0 - 7.5 seconds of stun
    Even better CC.

    Sight of Blood [Trance Skill] - Area effect. Decreases the health of the allied creatures over time but increases their speed, their damage, and their attack speed. ( - regeneration of health/second, + %speed, + %damage, + %attack speed)
    The Beastmaster hurts its own monster to make him fight better. Yes. This is the badass trance. This skill does not apply to the player.

    Art of the Skinning (active synergy of Sight of Blood) - The Beastmaster sacrifices one of his own creatures to regain his health.
    Badass. Again.

    Art of the Ghoul (active synergy of Art of the Skinning) - The Beastmaster commits a ritual murder. He kills all his creatures but he gains a ring or amulet containing a random skill belonging to one monster he had in control.
    Top level skill. Discover and use some of the enemy unique skills.

    Animal Lover [Trance Skill] - Area Effect. The Beastmaster teachs his creatures how to avoid being hit. + % chance to Dodge attacks, +% chance to Avoid projectiles.
    The other trance. The kind one. This skill works also for the player.

    As a Pack (synergy of Animal Lover) Boosts the power of the creatures the Beastmaster controls. +60% health, +15%damage, +15% total speed.

    Spirit of the Beast. (synergy of As a Pack) Summons a random creature among the ones the Beastmaster controls. Considered as a normal pet and not as a charmed monster.
    Top level skill. Possible full control over any enemy in the game. Does not work for a hero monster.

    On my Own [Passive] - When the Beastmaster doesn't control any beast, he can unleash all his strength in battle. ( +15-25% damage, +15-25% total speed, +15-25% defensive ability)
    Top level skill. Make the Beastmaster still useful even when he has no monsters in control.

    I don't know if it's very balanced. I think not, but I think this could be a very fun mastery to play, especially with the two trances which confers unique and cool skills I guess. I had fun writing it anyway. Please let me know what you think about it.

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    This can be tricky. I like the idea to tame monsters. But what will happen if your are in a boss fight and the charming time runs out on one/some of your monsters?

    It also appears to be a very self-contained mastery and there seems to be little interest in pairing it with another one.


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      Timed summons make me sad. I dislike the mechanic a lot, although it hold flavor here. Why not have it like WoW where you tame things and they become yours. heck, you could even name the thing. Could have separate levels. Each kind of thing you could tame could have scaling off a specific stat, making it advantageous for wizard classes to get a certain pet, etc,etc.


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        Originally posted by GlurakTheGreat View Post
        Timed summons make me sad. I dislike the mechanic a lot, although it hold flavor here. Why not have it like WoW where you tame things and they become yours. heck, you could even name the thing. Could have separate levels. Each kind of thing you could tame could have scaling off a specific stat, making it advantageous for wizard classes to get a certain pet, etc,etc.
        Agreed. Timed summons are lackluster and don't give a feeling of continuity. I would rather see:

        Charm Creature
        rank 1: You gain control of a normal creature for 2 minutes
        2: 4 minutes
        3: 6 minutes; You can now charm 2 creatures simultaneously
        4: 8 minutes
        5: 10 minutes
        6: You can now permanently charm 1 creature with limited effectiveness (-60%)
        7: (-50%)
        8: (-40%)
        9: 2 creatures (-30%)
        10: (-20%)
        11: (-10%)
        12: You can now charm 3 creatures at full effectiveness

        or something like that...

        Having perma-pets would also allow for more metagaming as you could pick a wide variety of pets to take with you on your adventures, perhaps an archer, a mage, and a skirmisher or maybe just 3 magi.

        If a drawback was required then maybe if a pet dies it would be gone forever instead of being able to re-summon, then there would be some requisite pet saving skills like heals or shields or what not.


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          Hmm. This is one of those classes/masteries that would have to be tested very extensively in combination with the other classes/masteries. Way too much room for this to become seriously over-powered.
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            I hate timed anything in games. It's why I've never played a mage much in Two Worlds and even having to cast Hunting's Herbal Remedy in TQ gets annoying at times.

            I like the idea of taming beasts though so maybe there could be special areas with creatures you are able to tame or possibly buy from another animal catcher in certain towns. A cap of three pets at a time (same species or different) would avoid being overrun with them and if you wanted to change to a different pet type by capture or purchase you'd have to sell one first.

            Think this may be an idea to be looked at for later expansions though and not initial release as it sounds like it needs a lot of work to make it compatible with other masteries.


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              Lovin' it!

              I'm loving this class idea, and the write up you've done seems to go right in with the other classes! (soldier and demolition classes had a similar description) Hope this makes it in, probably only will with an expansion however
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                Two of my favorite archetypes I have ever played in gaming:
                1) Tamer in Ultima Online
                2) Creature Handler / Bio-Engineer in SWG.

                With that said ...

                While I like your idea in concept (minus the timer), I do not think it will make it. These classes take a lot of time and effort to get right. From creating engaging gameplay to balance, these are probably the most difficult of any class. Ever.

                And if they arent going to do it right, they might as well not do it at all, in my opinion.


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                  Instead of instant command over any enemy with just one crack of a whip, what about higher level enemies taking more time to tame. For instance if you are with your buddies taking a quick stroll down a hellish path and an incredibly powerful enemy appears, your party could maybe work together to tame the beast.

                  Something like this where it takes effort to tame higher level monsters.


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                    I had pretty much the idea, and then I saw your post.
                    I would prefer to not go the Beastmaster route simply because its kind of over used in games and movies. I went for a "Slaver" route, which is pretty much the same thing except the charming apply to every creature and its based on chains instead of whips.
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