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  • Combined Skills

    Are there any plans for such things? Or in a more complex form, like a combo system.

    Like the planned things for Guild Wars 2, for example, when you fire an arrow over a firewall, your arrow deals additional fire damage or debuff according to firewall damage output or debuff. Or, a grease bomb, followed by something fiery or buzzing, resulting in ignition.

    For combo example, something like Dragon Age, lets say first thing applies ice debuff, second freezes when there's debuff, and third physical attack shatters the target or something like that...

    These would add more co-op variations to the multiplayer, maybe in an expansion, or being moddable?

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    Hi there!

    I like the idea very much... to add a few examples more;
    whirlwind skill over a fire source will make it a firewind
    bouncing grenades with arctic freeze buff will make them freeze the targets on impact and add additional elemental dmg

    However i don't think they will include such a system in the game (lack of dev time, lack of money and so on)


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      Originally posted by medierra View Post
      Skill system is something that won't change much. It is perhaps the only system in TQ that I don't think I have seen anyone seriously complain about and seems to have been the most well-received aspect of the game by press and players. So, instead of f**king up stuff that works, we're mainly focused on addressing feedback that we've gotten from fans over the years. Fixing areas where TQ fell flat and adding some of the features that have been most requested (assuming they make sense / are feasible).


      To this end, some of the skills in each mastery are there more for thematic reasons than utility. Other's have a certain situational utility that some players will love and others will pass on.
      Some skills may only be really useful when they are paired with skills from another mastery - but then they really shine. One or two skills are often the "big guns" of a mastery but need little guns to offset them. Some masteries have a bunch of medium guns instead. Some skills aren't the most useful or powerful but they're just fun.
      So, there will be some (few?) skills, which will work like a combo. But there will not be a general system to combine any skills.

      These threads are in line with your suggestion:
      Mixed Skills for Combination Effect
      Spell Combinations = More damage
      These suggested additional combo-skills based on synergies:
      Idea: Combination Skills
      Skills synergy
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