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  • Graphical representation of damage output types

    I liked how in Sacred2, there was a color-coded bar representing your DPS, and always wished TQ had something similar. You could get a good idea, at a glance, how much fire damage you're actually dealing with that battlemage, relative to physical and other types. Everyone that's played TQ has, at one time or another, put on some crazy +million% cold damage ammy, watched their DPS drop 400 pts, and thought "huh, guess I wasn't dealing that much cold to begin with... weird."

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    There was a discussion about the damage indicators in Titan Quest here:


    and here's a quote from medierra in that thread:

    Originally posted by medierra View Post
    This is pretty much correct.

    This whole system is a total mess... argh.. It is something that I personally find incredibly annoying in the game but am not sure how much time we will have to improve it. My biggest goal in this regard is to get mouse-over info for OA / DA that displays your % chance to hit / be hit by and critical / be critically hit by your last opponent.

    After that we'll just have to see how far we can get. This type of thing though is lower on my priority list not because it isn't important but because it is something that is easier to change down the road, as opposed to certain new features that really need to be designed into the game from the beginning and would be difficult or impossible to retro-fit in later.